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Summer Water

Summer Water

Summer water is different from other such seasonal beverages like Winter Water or Fall Water… or even Spring Water.  Those waters are just… water.  

Summer Water is special.  Summer Water has rosé in it because there are precious few other way to get through a summer in New Orleans or any other alarmingly hot and humid city.  Alarmingly hot… like you didn’t even know the Earth could be so hot and steamy… you didn’t even know if was possible.  So.  Summer Water. 

Summer water helps ease the discomfort of frizzy hair, back sweat, under breast sweat, razor burn, beach yearning, top of scalp sunburns, heat fatigue, deep laziness, city smells, and general questions about the meaning of life and particularly why life is sometimes so very hot.

Here’s how to make Summer Water.

•  Add ice to a glass.

•  Fill the glass half full with rosé wine.  Any sort you like.  

•  Add an orange wedge and cucumber slices.

•  Top with sparkling water.

•  Sit and enjoy.  

•  Repeat.  Add a pool if possible.  

Find all of your Summer Rosé accessories here.  Cheers y’all! 

(This post and recipe is 100% tongue-in-cheek and 100% very serious.  We’re operating at 200%.  This post is dedicated to Jessi S, killin’ the game in Kansas City.) 

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