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Summer Bucket List 2016!

2016 Summer Bucket

It’s time!  It’s past time to set our intentions for these long, sunny, sweaty, playful, days.  

How do you want to craft your summer?  How many sunsets do you want to savor and where do you want to do it?  How many ice cream cones do you want to indulge in and who do you want to share them with?  How many peanut butter candies do you want to eat late at night?  Three, like me.  

This was last year’s Summer Bucket List:   a list of things that a person would like to accomplish and experience during the summer months.  If done correctly, should involve water-guns, pool time, and roller-skates.  

I didn’t accomplish exactly all of my Summer Bucket List items from last year.  Truth be told, I still have the kombucha kit sitting in my guest room closet.  The deal with a well-crafted Summer Bucket List is that they’re set with intention, care, and the carefree spirit of a pressure-free Summer that is lived well, with freedom and grace.  In other words,  make the list you want and try your best to accomplish (and more importantly) ENJOY it.  

Here are my Summer intentions for these fine days:  

1  •  Take a road trip and visit a white sandy beach.  Let it be Pensacola and let me eat my way through the Florida panhandle.  BRB.  

2  •  Let there be a hotel pool day with wine.  This involves playing hooky from work, putting on a bathing suit, and visiting a hotel pool like you own the joint, ordering wine, and just liiiiving.  The slow sun life.  It’s Summah! 

3  •  I was recently at the Aspen airport writing scenic mountain postcards in the airport.  It’s sweet to send people mementos of your travels.  A little ray of sunshine folded in with bills and bullshit in the mailbox.  Protip:  carry postage stamps in your wallet.  Very grown adult move.  

4  •  Visit Seattle and go for a hike.  Sister, I’m comin’ for ya.  Let’s make some ice cream together! 

5  •  Make sliders and sangria, because aren’t those two summer treats you want in your fridge.  Pretzel buns… it’s all happening.  

6  •  Find new friends to collaborate on photography with.  It will feel your heart and soul and eyeballs.  

7  •  Polish the new house.  Not literally… but hang pictures, decorate the shelves in the kitchen, set up the bar, pet the cat, mow the lawn… and just generally get + keep it together.  Prepare for classes this Fall!  (That means you.  You’re totally coming over!)

8  •  Last year one of my Summer Bucket List goals was to do a yoga headstand-  something I thought was so so cool since I had just started taking my yoga practice more to heart.  This Summer my goal is to extend my yoga practice with grace and patience.  It’s a practice and progress comes in very exciting inches.  

9  •  Take daily art breaks, with watercolor paints or calligraphy pens because it’s good for the heart and soul, mind and work.

10  •  Learn more Italian.  It takes time, and patience, and persistence.  Workbooks and online lessons help.  It’s a practice.  Sometimes in inches… until you just subconsciously start to remember swear words.  

I hope this inspires you to set your intentions for these warm days.  What’s on your Summer Bucket List?  Please let it involve Summer Water… key and crucial.  Let’s carry on with it. 

xo Joy
Summer Bucket List 2016

This picture taken at Sweet Greens in Santa Monica during their lunch rush when people were rushing me away from my table and I wasn’t having it.  Do you.  I’ll do me.