Beyond the Kitchen New Orleans

Everyday, New Orleans.

Everyday, New Orleans.

It’s 172 days until Mardi Gras.  Not that we’re counting. 

Sure we’ve got this year’s Thanksgiving to consider, Christmas lights to hang eventually, a New Year to cheer and then some sort of diet resolution to endure… but really, down here we’re counting down the days to Mardi Gras (now that we’re no longer counting the dog-days of August + the days until the Saints play football).  I think we’re working off a different calendar.  A slower calendar with powdered sugar and glitter on it.  

All of this to say… you’re coming for a visit, right!? 

There are all sorts of lists to be found about New Orleans.  Where to eat, where to go, what to see.  Those lists have the classic New Orleans-y things: Cafe du Monde, Brennan’s, Dooky ChaseCochon, Pesche... all the good stuff.  Definitely places you should go and enjoy and take tons of pictures and Instagram all of them. I mean… please drink a martini in the Brennan’s courtyard and please eat all the pork at Cochon. You’ll be doing it right.

For those of us that live here, we enjoy these places, but on the day to day to day to day… we’re on a different tip.  Here are some of my favorite everyday spots in New Orleans, special and maybe a little under the radar for visitors but totally worth the seek.

Shank Charcuterie // New Orleans

Shank Charcuterie:  Head down St. Claude Ave and you’ll hit some great New Orleans gems.  One of my favorites is this locally sourced, full service butcher shop that also serves lunch.  Their meet selection is solid. If you’re staying in town, have a kitchen and want to make yourself a special meal, head to this butcher shop for your meat, and head across the street to St. Roch Market for the rest of your local ingredients!  For lunch at Shank, the Ropa Vieja and Meatball Sandwich are unstoppable.  

Sneaky Pickle // New Orleans

Sneaky Pickle:  Further down St. Claude Ave you’ll find this special, charming, supremely delicious vegan restaurant.  It’s not exclusively vegan (I had the seared Cobia with couscous), but they have hearty bowls of healthful food.  

Bao and Noodle // New Orleans

Bao and Noodle:  is the neighborhood Chinese food jammer that’s really really good! The menu is intentional and authentic, the prices are reasonable, and it’s a great place to pick up takeout.  I love the Fried Steamed Bao, the Burmese Tea Salad and the Cumin Braised Lamb with hand-pulled noodles. AMEN! 

Red’s Chinese is the other GREAT neighborhood Chinese food restaurant tucked beneath an obtuse red sign on St. Claude.  The Chinese food is masculine, unexpected, and dirty-good.  Dirty, in this iteration, is a high compliment.  Be here and order one of everything. It’s that crazy delicious. 

Bakery Bar:  Two of the best words together at last!  Go for a slice of Doberge Cake (if you don’t know, then you better find out!) and a cocktail! Strawberry or Key Lime Doberge: you can not lose.  Bakery Bar also has small bites at night if you’re in the mood for something other than cake (which would be weird but I get it). 

Mosca’s: About 30 minutes outside of New Orleans in the town of lives maaaybe the very best Italian food in the South.  My friend Rachel took me here before I had officially moved to New Orleans and the Shrimp Mosca was easily the best thing I’d eaten all year.  GO! 

N7: It’s like New Orleans’ secret restaurant that’s not so secret anymore.  It’s tucked away, literally behind an inconspicuous wooden fence in the Bywater neighborhood.  Inside that fence is a little world of charm and wonder, and canned fish (the fancy sort) and a lovely wine list. This would be the coziest date spot or a fantastic dine-alone at the bar option for good, good living.  

Solo // New Orleans

Solo Espresso Bar is yours if you’re coffee particular like me and like fresh ground, pour-over cups. It’s a small place with very right coffee.  They serve Panther Coffee right now.  They also have very delicious gluten-free peanut butter cookies if you’re lucky.  

Cafe Henri // New Orleans

Cafe Henri: A no-fuss neighborhood restaurant with a simple, straight-forward, still-feels-like-a-treat cocktail and food menu.  It’s family friendly, solo work friendly, and just a perfect pit stop in the day. Their happy hour is bangin’.  Definitely get the burger. 


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Come on down! We love when you visit.

xo Joy