Beyond the Kitchen

Laurel & Wolf Does The Bakehouse

Hi friends!

For the past week I’ve swung open the doors to my house, likely trying to juggle one too many bags of groceries and nudge back the cat, and I’ve thought exactly: WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS? 

I’m living in a dream – that’s most literally what it feels like. 

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Home sweet home, sweet home, sweet Bakehouse!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be welcoming you into my New Orleans Bakehouse, showing you around, and inviting you in (literally with classes and workshops), but first I wanted to tell you how it all came together.

It started with interior design from Laurel & Wolf – an online interior design service that paired me with a professional designer to help me bring my Bakehouse together ALL ONLINE! 

Now… can we talk about hiring an interior designer? I mean… how FANCY does that sound? Waaaayyy fancier than I am.  Except, Laurel & Wolf paired me with an interior designer, James, who took in photographs of my space and furniture, listened to my goals, and really made my space come together in a way I couldn’t have done on my own..  

Seriously, the process was easier than I could have imagined, and not at all intimidating.  Their online platform allowed me to show James my space, detail the furniture pieces that are important to me, and go back and forth with feedback and thoughts about the design from wherever I was.  Much of the space was designed online while I was away in London.

I mean… that’s dang convenient and pretty amazing.  

Let me show you around. 


Here’s the counter we’ll gather around and make pie crust and apple pies! 

The appliances and incredible Black Stainless Steel from KitchenAid and the shelves, ladder and incredible dining room table are the good dudes at GoodWood Nola


This is where we’ll gather and chat about butter and sugar while the pies bake.  


I’ll be honest in telling you that between my not-so-green thumb and my cat that likes to munch plants…. I’m not so good with the whole potted houseplant thing. 

Laurel & Wolf designer, James came up with the perfect solution in this living plantwall.  Here’s the inspiration from Pottery Barn


This chair, settled nicely into the corner of the entertaining space is one of my favorite places to sit and see.  It’s the perfect combination of old and new. 

The bookcase is new, and FINALLY I have a place to put my library of cookbooks. The old folding chair is one my grandfather used to sit on to smoke his pipe on the backporch.  It’s a sweet memory to house in my space.  Feels really special.  


Details like this metal tray from London and a set of ceramic utensils from an old friend help make the studio feel special and nostalgic to me.  


And I’ll definitely make you a cocktail for our pie chats… and maybe even a Drake on Cake.  



This space is all about welcoming people in, making and breaking bread together, surrounding ourselves with comfort and beauty and laughter and learning! 

The Bakehouse is also feel super functional, outfitted with some very fine Food52 Shop essentials. 


And if we can make the space smell like fresh bread every single day… that’s just a bonus! 


You’ll come share this space with me!  I know you will! 

Thanks to James and Laurel & Wolf for helping me design my space.  They really brought my art, furniture, and aesthetic to life in a way that I couldn’t have done on my own.  They really made the Bakehouse sing with color and cheer and I can’t wait to share it with you!

And! I want to share my experience WITH YOU!  If you’d like a taste of my experience with Laurel & Wolf, enter here! You’re entering to win a design refresh from Laurel & Wolf, some kitchen essentials from Food52, and two copies of my cookbook!  

Thanks for letting me show you around! 

More soon, promise.