Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Just a girl from California in the Deep South during the first real freeze of the Winter.  Some of my plants froze to plant popsicles and my heater is broken and I’ve layered every blanket my mom has knitted since 1995 atop my bed.  Tron is here, equally confused.  Please come knocking sometime next Thursday when the city has thawed back to tropical.  

Or… I’ll make a lot of tea and roast everything in my refrigerator. 

How has your week been?  Back in it. Our fight is strong!  

Here’s some of the Internet this week: 

•  This little taste of inspiration from Toni Morrison:  No place for self-pity.  No room for fear.  

•  It’s a strange world we’ve built for ourselves.  This article about Mark Burnett the man who created and continues to create benchmarks in reality television is pretty fascinating and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and be scared.  We’re in it now: The Mythmaker

•  For when dating is weird.  You guys… has dating gotten just the weirdest and worst? IDK, asking for a friend. Order and angel shot, ask for Angela

 Funny and entirely avoidable and let’s not.  30 Most Disappointing Under 30

 Meet Ms. Porchon-Lynch, the 98 year old yoga celebrity tells all, and feel inspired to live your best life as dang often and long as you can.  

•  We’re brave everyday, putting our feet on the ground, living in this world with our fragile bodies and tender hearts.  We deserve ribbon reminders: Everyday Bravery Pins.  Here’s me:  Someone didn’t like me and it was OK!

•  According to King Arthur Flour, it’s the Year of the Bundt and I’m more than willing to believe them because that Lemon bundt looks like a stunner!  Let’s make it soon! 

•  When I worked in the restaurant industry in Los Angeles, I’d spend my night plating the most beautiful, farm-fresh food for guests.  It was an honor to work with such stellar ingredients with a crew of people who were talented, hilarious, raunchy… classic restaurant industry nuts.  After a late night, I’d drive my friend Duke home, we’d stop at the Jack in the Box drive-through and each order a troubling amount of tacos.  The people who work in food, eat the worst (/best) food  The disgusting and very delicious Jack in the Box taco

 I love a good potion and this homemade body wash is right up my alley.  I’m thinking coconut oil + coconut milk + honey + lavender castile soap. 

 I am oddly very into this survival show.  Season four with Matt and Joe is the best.  Listen… I’d be eaten by a crocodile within 7 hours if someone left me even just near a swamp, but watching these dudes hack the world and survive is pretty amazing:  Dual Survival

 Current food-related reading:  How To Cook A Wolf.

 It’s cold and all I want is Curry Hot Chocolate.  Trust me when I say it is divine.  

•  I’ll be hosting a handful of workshops here in The Bakehouse this January and February.  Take a look a the Workshop tab above for updates.  I’ll be teaching cupcakes decorating and paper flower making with Suzonne Stirling in just a few weeks.  Coming up soon:  King Cake Baking!  

Enjoy this day.  Stay warm. 

xo Joy