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Let It Be Sunday!

I’ve got my head down these days prepping recipes and making plans.  I’ve popped my head up just enough to realize that New Orleans is in full on party mode with Mardi Gras, and Facebook is still aflame with politics chaos.  I’ve focusing on what is directly in front of me… mostly so I don’t crash and burn or drop the doughnuts.  What’s directly in front of me is a lot of brunch and many many dirty dishes.   

I hope this weekend is restful and sunny. I hope you can take some good time for yourself today.  

Here’s some of the internet, I hope it sets some wheels spinning in productive ways: 

 Something beautiful to watch:  109 year olds secrets to life.  There’s too many gems in this to leave alone.

 Don’t worry, butter is good for you.  I knew it all along.  

•  What is so deeply bizarre and troubling to me is how vastly different our news has become based on what side of the aisle and now… what side of truth (?) we are on.  It’s baffling and we better be paying attention. One Press Conference, Two Audiences

•  Let’s remember this: JFK on the importance of press to a free society

 Coffee master:  The man responsible for third-wave coffee

•  It’s important to know about the concept of ‘dual arrest’ and what it means for some victims of domestic violence: Calling for help

 I’ve never been one to have a beauty routine beyond face moisturizer and maaaybe mascara.  I need to have a few tools in my arsenal and this is where I’ve found some glowy makeup advice:  Cupcakes and Cashmere My Daily Makeup Routine

 For your Brunch consideration.  The ingredients are pretty simple and toss on any fruit you might have around!  Bananas and cinnamon would also be a win.  Triple Berry Dutch Baby

 On my Cookbook Covet List I have this book:  The London Cookbook.  I’m ready for another visit. 

One tip that will change how you buy wine.  It’s all about the importer. They’re our curators when all else is confusing.  Also, my girl Whitney’s wine buying tips are also very helpful:  Ask A Sommelier

•  I love this print from Lulu and Georgia.  There are a few things I’ve learned about interior design.  More rugs.  More lamps. More pillows… and you’re good to go! 

•  I listened to Nora Roberts on the NPR show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me today and it was hilarious.  Nora Roberts is a prolific author. So prolific she started writing murder mysteries under the pen name JD Robb. Here’s a list of her books.  Let’s start at the beginning and race to the finish? 

Let’s enjoy this day!

xo Joy