Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 117!

Hello dear friends!

It’s feeling very much like Spring here in New Orleans, with warm days and high humidity and reason enough to go outside and weed the garden.  It’s a peek at the steamy days ahead and I’m not even mad about it. 

The best part about Spring in New Orleans is Jazz Fest.  I hope you get to be here for a day or two to enjoy the festivities.  It’s sweaty.  Also… definitely get a daiquiri.  I’m headed to Los Angeles next week for my dear friend Whitney‘s wedding.  Two things:  I still don’t know what I’m going to wear aaaand I’ll be making her wedding dessert: a riff on this Bourbon Pecan Pie

Be well this Sunday. I’m sending you my Springtime love and these links from around the Internet: 

 I really enjoyed this sentiment from my favorite baker, Dorie Greenspan:  Baking Is All in the Hands.  She’s right.  You’ve got to hold a lot of dough before you know.  It’s worth it, every bit.

 I listened to this very important bit of inspiration from Elizabeth Gilbert this week:  Choosing Curiosity Over Fear.  Ideas have great desire to be made.  I really like that. 

 Vulnerable and unbelievably strong and beyond, much further beyond Lean In.  It’s really incredible and inspiring how we grow:  Sheryl Sandburg’s Accidental Revolution  Thank you for passing this along Jessi.

•  If you’re feeling like you need to cry about a tortoise… I understand:  My Touchstone and A Heart of Gold

 We all get a little lonely sometimes, and also… massage relaxes you! (Yikes) The Faces Behind Craigslist “Strictly Platonic” Personal Ads

•  Brb, gonna go cry my luxury nightmares to sleep.  (I realize that sentence doesn’t quite stand up, but it’s staying.) 

 According to this quiz: The Cheesecake Factory Quiz… I’m fresh out of high school and need to go make a positive impact on the world so… carry on.  It was likely the Peach Bellini that made it so.  

 To quote the 2011 film Bridesmaids staring Kristen Wiig, “Shit, that is fresh.” Also see: Fresh Blueberry and Mint Lemonade

 Spring time weekend breakfast love: Triple Berry Dutch Baby.  

 Really very important:  How To Buy The Right Rosé.  

 Just ordered this smoothie booster because I really do trust my gut (but I’ll take all the help I can get). 

 Let’s talk about these embroidered, slip-on loafers.  Ok, good talk. 

I think you’re wonderful, enjoy the day!  

My love to you,