Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 120!

Hello my friends!  

According to the news we’ve had one hot-mess of a week.  I hope your true day to day hasn’t been as truly bonkers as our political world.  

The days are starting to get real thick down here in Louisiana.  I’ve been home from travels long enough to feel the summer start to creep over my legs like a heavy blanket.  It’s welcome… minus the mosquitos.  

I hope this weekend has treated you well.  I hope you’ve been able to put all of your tasks and to-dos on simmer to enjoy these sunny days and thick winds.  Here is some news from around this mad crazy words: 

•  Meet the Woman Who Turned Anthony Bourdain into a TV Star, she offers some solid-gold advice at the end.  

•  This is so beautiful and difficult- it’ll putcha right on the floor:  A Letter To My Mother That She Will Never Read

•  This week one of New Orleans’ Confederate monuments was taken down in Lee Circle.  See ya on the flip side Robert E Lee.  Our mayor Mitch Landrieu wrote about it here:  Why I’m taking down my city’s confederate monuments

•  Very important work 0n scones.  

 What’s happening to our bodies? Well… they’re getting older, that’s for sure:  Let’s check in

•  What are we doing? The Heroin Business is Booming In America

 In Mexico, over 100 journalists have been killed or disappeared for speaking out about dangerous and powerful drug cartels.  The drug trade on this continent has far reaching limbs.  Mexican journalists lose another colleague to the drug war

•  How Hot Is Too Hot?  I feel like it’s safe to say it’s too hot, ok?  It’s too hot.  Let’s all ride our bikes from now on.  And stop eating beef.  And buy homes in land-locked states and hope to goodness the world stops melting around us.  (It takes more than hope.  I know.) 

 To watch:  Losing Sight of Shore.  Put this in your list as soon as possible.  It’s so inspiring and full of grit and hope and hard work… and no one dies (spoiler alert, but not really). 

•  Life in your 30’s in the Bay Area is confusing. Listen, growing up is hard.  I get it.  Also, apparently growing up never stops.  That’s a fun fact adults don’t tell you when you’re young. I feel like they should mention that. 

•  A verdict is in and it’s worth paying attention to:  Don’t Ever Bring Me Red Velvet Cake

 I love how much Aziz Ansari loves food.  How Master’s of None Unexpectedly Became TVs Best Food Show.  

 My favorite birthday cake is any cake that someone else makes for me.  My second favorite birthday cake is this Angel Food Cake with Vanilla Strawberries.

•  While we’re talking about kitchen things, please consider this One Skillet Dark and Stormy Banana Bread.  Two things.  One:  You make this bread all in the skillet that you then bake the bread in.  Two:  There’s rum in it.  Ok.  Enjoy!

 Toss another item in the covet pile:  Ringly Activity Tracker Smart Bracelet.  I mentioned this in my Mother’s Day gift guide and am still very smitten. 

I think you are special and I’m glad you’re here.

xo Joy