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Let It Be Sunday, 123!

Hello my friends,

Remember when we didn’t have a 24-hour news cycle? It wasn’t all that long ago.  We had a little more time to breathe and process.  There was, of course, breaking news and Peter Jennings would come on and tell us what was up in the world- we trusted it, most all of us trusted the same thing. Seems like we’re in a different cycle these days where news in constant and deafening and very two sided.  That’s the case this week, and likely many more weeks to follow. If you’re following along you know that Theresa May is having regrets and Comey / Trump are in a “he said / no I didn’t” battle.  It’s enough… and despite it being more than enough… it’s all going continue for a good while longer.  In the mess, it’s important to stay knowing, ok? Really.  Knowing + voting is the best combination.  

Here’s some of the Internet this week.  This and that, here we go:  

•  On our Obsession with Self-Care.  Pretty good for us and maybe the world- long term.  In the short term, pretty annoying on Instagram.  Ok, great! 

  So you just want me to focus my mind to control the metabolic processes in my cells?  Really?  Because in yoga when they say ‘engage your core’…. I don’t really know what they’re talking about. So… ok, metabolic processes?  The Ice Guru In Brooklyn.  The article uses the words ‘ice-based lifestyle brand’.   If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be over here tryna find my core muscles and maybe brand them. I dunno.

•  The US relocated an entire town because of climate change and the man at the helm of our country is working aggressively to reverse many of President Obama’s clear air and clean business initiatives aimed at being less goddamn awful to our planet.  

 I listened to this beautiful interview on Fresh Air this week with conservation photographer Paul Nicklen:  Photographing the Poles.  It’s about courage, connection, and this wonder of a world we have around us.  Plus very cold water and mega leopard seal. Please listen!

 I love these Tiny Desk Concerts:  Violents and Monica Martin and sister’s Joseph

 Getting in formation: Inside the Gig Economy’s New Wave of Women’s Clubs

•  Last weekend I took a hand-lettering class at Lionheart Prints here in New Orleans.  As we were practicing fancy alphabet letters with a brush marker, grown adults… practicing our alphabets… we discussed just this:  What’s lost as handwriting fades?  You guys we have to KEEP WRITING, good Lord. 

 This makes my stomach jump and I’m just sitting on my couch.  Free-climbing El Capitan: watch Alex Honnold climbed up the Earth, it’s incredible.  

 Our friend Jon made Greek Nachos and this seems like a great idea for all of us. 

 Let’s talk about the internet.  Some of Your Favorite Influencers Aren’t Writing Their Own Content – These Women Are. When did we start using the word ‘influencer’?  When did we get so insincere?  You can rest assured that all of my social media babblings and typos are my own.  Can’t nobody tell me nothin’… or say anything for me. Please.   

 Additionally… you guys, we’re doing too much. It’s getting ridiculous. Can some things just be for our hearts and eyes or does everything have to be hashtagged?  The answer is, everything has to be hashtagged.  The Weddings Designed with Instagram In Mind

 Megan writes about very beautifully and honestly about her life.  She also made this Raspberry Rhubarb Compote that looks simply divine. 

 If I’m being honest with myself, this is my favorite food in the world:  Homemade Chili Cheese Dogs

•  We need to talk about lipstick real quick.  It’ll be fast.  Do the words Black Honey mean anything to you? Clinique’s timeless shade- it’s perfect. All I need now is a chic version of Sunflower perfume. 

 Suggestion:  Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas 

Have a wonderful day!

xo Joy