Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 125!

Hello sweet friends.  

I’m glad you’re here. I feel lucky that you allow me to be part of your Sunday routine.  We’ve got a good thing going.

Here’s a list of articles that resonated with me this week along with a photograph of a climbing vine and an old screen door.  Sunday is a good day to remember that there’s beauty in the most simple of scenes.

Here we are:  

 If you don’t have your head under a pillow (and I don’t blame you if you do) you might have heard that a couple of dudes hid away in a room and drafted a health care bill to replace the Affordable Care Act.  Here’s that, explained.  What does the new health care bill have to say about women?  Mostly it’s about all the abortions we’re all having all the time. They’re very (read loudly as VARY) concerned (not actually in a caring way at all) about (paying for) those.  

•  Basically, North Korea killed an American and we’re not sure what to do about it because it’s very messed up, reminding us once more that the world is very messed up: The Outrageous Death of Otto Warmbier

•  Aside from asking you with much tenderness not to go to North Korea, here are some other less important but still lightly important Unwritten Travel Rules.  

•  Word on the street is that this is what we should be reading this summer:  The People We Hate At The Wedding.  Also, how many weddings have you gone to so far this summer? I’m at 2.  I hated no one…. which I suppose is a really good sign. 

 This is dense, but really interesting:  Why Your Brain Hates Other People.  What’s the part of our brain that shapes an Us v. Them mentality. 

•  Before the Internet.  Remember being bored? Remember having watched every episode of I Love Lucy and then having literally nothing to do (except read boring books and write book reports). 

•  It was a hung jury, Mr. Bill Cosby. It’s a little too soon for the HIGHLY INSULTING victory tour.  Go away please. Bill Cosby’s Townhalls to discuss sexual assault with young athletes, extension of statute of limitations, and… you know…. be careful because a brush on the shoulder can be construed as sexual assault.  This is why I swear and throw things sometimes… I’m just going to be honest. 

 Being a maker of food and a tester of recipes means that you eat a lot of leftovers… and even more leftover atop scrambled eggs.  Here’s a week of Jambalaya recipe testing and my grocery list:  My Bon Appetit Grocery List.  I put my mom on blast for her coffee creamer choices but really, that sh*t is delicious. 

•  Good Lord in heaven, Jon made this S’mores Slab Pie and I can’t tell if I’m very angry or very happy. 

•  While we’re talking about summer splurging, what say you to this Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.  It’s cream cheese ice cream so get into it! Subtly isn’t my forte. 

 I really like the way Patrice Washington talks about life and working towards wealth.  

•  I don’t wear very much makeup, especially in steamy warm weather, but this Cloud Paint is a very fine summer, quick-color option. 

 I think this is very sweet and I would absolutely wear a dainty avocado necklace

 I’ll tell you what, using this hair repair once a week has saved my growing hair. I’ll tell you what else, growing out a short haircut is tedious. 

That’s all for this week, friends.  I hope this day is a beauty. Enjoy your Sunday!

xo Joy