Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 137!

Sweet, friends.  Thank you for such a lovely reception in Portland this week.  It filled my heart to meet each of you!  Truly. Those are real words.  Today I’m making chocolate cakes, 10… if all goes according to plan for Secret Supper on Sauvie Island in Oregon.  I have a feeling it will be deeply charming, despite (or perhaps because of) the impeding rain.  I’m stressing making these cakes, but tomorrow will pass and somehow get done.  

I hope your day is more restful. Here’ my offering towards that hope: 

 This past Monday was Septmber 11, 2017 marking another year we’ve moved away from that same terrible day in 2001.  These two pieces I read every year:  The Falling Man  //  We’re The Only Plane In The Sky

 Forget Harvard. Read THIS hard story of humanity from The Marshall Project. 

Gosh. It’s a heavy start.  

 Here we are.  But at least we’re in it together: The struggle of being human

 This is the most accurate bit of writing on writing that I’ve ever read (and not written).  Kamila Shamsie on writing, not writing, morning, and night.  Thank you, Jessica

 Here’s what I’m making this week for dinner.  It’s a slow cooker recipe with beans and those are two of my favorite things.  Slow Cooker Panade with Swiss Chard, Beans, and Sausage

  What dinner looks like across the USA.  A beautiful series.  Thank you for sharing sweet Toby! 

 Have you seen the show Insecure on HBO?  I haven’t watched it yet but it looks beautiful: HBO cinematographer Ava Berkofsky on on properly lighting black faces

 Feel the magic of this time and place.  Amos Lee, Red Rocks Colorado, June 2015 with a sharp Freddy Berman on the drums. Also, let’s roll the windows down today.  Let’s feel it. 

 A transition dress.  You know, in between seasons and such: the deep green, floral button- down dress

 What to definitely make today or very very soon:  Pumpkin Pecan Scones with Brown Butter Glaze

I really appreciate you,