Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 138!

Hello my dear friends! Welcome to this Sunday.  I hope the weekend is treating you well.  This week was plenty.  The world is plenty, you know?  In the news we know that Trump is picking thin-skinned and unpresidential fights with professional athletes, North Korea thinks it’s time to flex its muscles and we’re all like… REALLY?, the earth is shifting and shaking and collapsing buildings and lives, wind and island destruction, displacement in Myanmar, UN business, Facebook political ads… it’s all very much.  

The list this week reflects that you know what’s going on and maybe need an apple pie bar about it.  

Here we are: 

 I’m going to leave these hard truths right here for you because GIRL (I mean that in a non gender specific way)- this is some real real:  I’m terrified of getting married

 Is there a single food that we can survive on forever?  French Fries!!! Sort of, because… potatoes. In a related, not very important story, I watched The Martian with Matt Damon on the plane yesterday.  Here’s the plot (with a spoiler): Matt Damon is an astronaut that gets left on Mars by other astronauts who had to scoot because shit was going down and they thought he was surely dead.  He’s not dead. He’s alive. He has to figure out how to survive and part of that is growing potatoes in poop in a tent on Mars alone. Yadda yadda yadda. He goes back into space, Jessica Chastain catches him in a space chair and everyone cries because they literally caught Matt Damon in the middle of space. The end. 

 SPEAKING OF MARS!  Did you know that 6 people are living under Mars-like-conditions on a remote volcano in Hawaii to figure out if we can live anywhere besides this beautiful planet we’re destroying? This is bonkers.  Do read.  

 This recipe has re-entered my mind this week.  From the Queen:  Ina Garten’s Apple Pie Bars.

•  VERY IMPORTANT:  The Battle of the Real Housewives Cookbooks.  Also, Carole and Adam just unfollowed each other on Instagram so there goes the neighborhood.  

 Nigella Lawson says what we’re all thinking about Instagram food.  Instagram can make a cook despair.  Food is brown sometimes… can we just go with it? 

•  Five Things To Cook While Watching ’30 Rock’ Before It Leaves Netflix

 Outside of New Orleans you might know Big Freedia as the voice of  “I did not come to play with you hoes, I came to slay, bitch” in Beyonce’s Formation.  Here, we know what’s up with the corn bread and collard greens.  Adding this to my reading list – Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva

 Let’s watch Lady Gaga, ya know?  Five Foot Two

 We’re just going to prance around the topic of death real quick.  What Your Future Burial Outfit Says About You.  Mmmmkay. I swear to god if you put me in my church clothes in a wooden box I will haunt you for all of your days.  Please cremate me in my yoga pants THANK  YOU. 

• In a bout of wishful, staying-out-of-the-grave thinking… I already bought a set of flannel sheets for this winter. I. Am. Ready. 

•  Very into Carhartt-chic this Autumn. 

Above is a picture of my friend Suzonne‘s paper rose mantle.  Today we’re going to work on olive branches and brainstorm poinsettias.  I’m all the way into it and I’ll show you soon (as soon as I sort of know what I’m doing).

Enjoy this day,

xo Joy