Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 140!

Hello friends!

I’m writing this to you on Saturday morning, anticipating Hurricane Nate to move over and through us this evening into tomorrow.  If New Orleans has taught me anything it’s that everything will be fine, or everything will go sideways.  You just never know… so I’ve brought out my emergency kit and camping stove, emergency candles and lanterns, and I’ve pre-ground my coffee for the next few days in case the power goes out because priorities.  Also… I dunno. But speaking of emergency kits – I saw this on Shark Tank and felt like, YES.  

I’ve had a hard time snapping my mind into place this past week.  After this latest Las Vegas shooting I’ve felt deeply sad and confused and helpless like… in my core.  The rest of me has to carry on with daily work and tasks but the core is hurt.  I know this because I got about two and a half episodes into that Hulu show The Handmaid’s Tale before I literally ran from the room crying.  So, I’m still tender and I’m not really sure when I won’t be. Where is that shrug emoji when you need it?

Additionally, I really must be feeling some feels, because I went back on the blog about 9 years to resurrect this fine recipe for Sit and Stay Awhile Apple Crisp. It’s one of my most simple and satisfying recipes… but nine years later I know that an apple crisp won’t get you a man necessarily and good grief that’s 100% fine.  

Here we are: 

 I’m long tired of the ‘loner’ argument for violence.  Language is important and after another tragedy this past week, here’s a perspective that is worth thinking about:  White Male Terrorists Are A Thing We Should Discuss

 Now is as good a time as the last mass shooting to name the actual problem. The Impotence of Blaming Evil

 There’s something about the unknown unknown that is comforting.  This is a really interesting read:  Our Biggest Decisions Can Never Be Rational

  The Supreme Court is back in session and they’re presiding over a very important case about modern day gerrymandering.  Listen to The Daily Podcast, here.  

 The hits keep comin’- nonstop until we get through this.  On Puerto Rico:  You’ve thrown our budget out of whack.

 Here’s what’s going to come out of my oven soon: Croissant Rolls.  I think Erin McDowell is a national treasure. 

 This brothy chicken with ginger and bok choy looks like this winter’s healthy comfort food.  Recovery soup! 

 Jon made Caramel Apple Slab Pie and now I can’t possibly live without it.  I’ve always been intimidated by both slab pies and caramel apples, so let’s knock out two obstacles in one! 

 I LOVE a brightly colored BIG KNIT.  It’s sweater weather, maybe almost? 

 Here’s what I’m reading:  Hammer Head, the making of a badass lady carpenter. 

 For us, this week:  Small Batch Granola.

 LOL honestly

My love to you,

xo Joy