Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 143!

My friends! 

Welcome to another Sunday. Let it be easy.  Maybe enjoy a warm bagel and sneak in some Halloween candy. Let’s just live it. Geez… ya know?  

Here is our week, in parts: 

  I think this is a really important thing to read:  Potatoes as a Metaphor for Emotional Labor.  It’s a really simple metaphor for a really complex aspect of our emotional / conflicted / feeling hearts.  Let’s all just bring our potatoes to the kitchen, or at least try. 

  If you don’t know who Senator Jeff Flake is, you might listen to this podcast, The New Washington. He’s an interesting human and these are trying times. Follow up: The Tragedy of Jeff Flake

  This is what is on our minds as a country these days – more Americans have died from the current opioid epidemic than Americans who have died during the Vietnam War.  That’s the frame we’re using now. Here’s this: Faces of an Epidemic.  We have to figure this out. 

  I’ve made loads of bagels over the past few months and these from the Smitten Kitchen archives have been, far and away, the most delicious and successful.  Speaking of our girl Deb, Smitten Kitchen Every Day is out this week and JonJon made her Potatoes Anna and they look incredible (plus he’s hosting a giveaway!).

•  What is a ‘super-single’?  MMMMM HHHMMMMM. 

  I also love a Dive Bakery.  Thank you Jessie! In Praise of the Dive Bakery! 

  As previously stated, I’m far too eager for the winter holidays to start.  These cookies are on my list for December. For your consideration: Speculaas Cookies.

•  More current holiday baking projects: How To Make Pan de Muerto (Day of the Dead Bread). 

  I’m very open to a new favorite chicken recipe, especially from Melissa Clark: Peruvian Roast Chicken with Spicy Cilantro Sauce

•  As the weather cools and we want to keep our warmth inside: How To Make a Draft Stopper. There’s sewing and rice involved! 

  Found this little gem of Ree and me on Youtube.  

•  If you’re already thinking about holiday gifts:  DIY Colorful Rope Necklace

Have a very fine day, 

xo Joy