Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 150!

Hello friends! 

I swear I’ve worn tracks in the space between my kitchen counter, the oven, and the kitchen sink this week.  There’s been a lot of baking- afridge full of pies, racks full of these gingerbread marshmallows, and a lot of flour I need to sweep from the kitchen floor.  I’ve also managed to watch just about every episode of Next Food Network Star which turn out to be excellent motivation during all day + all night baking sessions.

How are you? Are you well? Are you holding on for dear life? Same, me too.  I hope this weekend has been festive and restful. I hope also that you’ve eaten as many Ritz Crackers smeared with cream cheese as I have because I’m THRIVING.  

The internet, this week:

•  This is deeply poignant and honest:  Mimi O’Donnell Reflects on the Loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Devastation of Addiction

•  Mario Batali and the Appetites of Men. Helen’s writing about hunger and lust is thoughtful.  Also, see Batali’s apology (and a great cinnamon roll recipe) here.  Nah, dude.  Nah.

•  Sweet Lo’s Ice Cream made it on the list of The 20 Best Things Our Dining Critic Ate This Year in Seattle Magazine!  If you don’t know, Sweet Lo is my sister, she is literally the best human on the planet, and she makes (again, literally) the best ice cream I’ve ever had. 

•  Even though a large majority of American supported net neutrality the regulation was repealed by the FCC this week:  Here’s an explanation

•  Hopeful images from 2017. As long as we have children and animals, I swear we’re going to be ok. 

• Can smiling while exercising improve performance?  Mmm hmm.

•  What being a bike courier taught me about our broken economy, and hungover teens and very good dogs. 

•  We’ve got some reading to do:  15 Great Books By Women We Read This Year.  I’m going to read Abandon Me next. 

•  I made Deb’s Brownies this week.  Spot on!  Also, I’ve got a recipe from Deb’s latest cookbook comin’ up next week so if you’re headed to the store pick up a bunch of butter and pecans.  (We’re making her Chocolate Pecan Slab Pie!)

•  Also coming out of my kitchen this week were these Gingerbread Spiced Marshmallows topped with tiny chocolate-dipped gingerbread men!  Cute AF because if not now, then when? 

•  Madewell and Milkbar collaborated to make a cookie shirt that I love.  

•  We’ve got great workshops coming to The Bakehouse for the next few months!  We’re doing a Drake on Cake decorating and styling workshop and a pasta making class, too!  Just sayin’, come on down! 

•  Always feeling a little wanderlusty and daydreaming a trip next year:  Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel: Our List of the 500 Best Places to See… Ranked.

Do good today. 

xo Joy