Let It Be Sunday, 160!

Hello dearhearts,  

It’s been a wallop of a week for me between exciting work projects, trying relationships, and deeply sad family loss.   I’m hoping that this Sunday offers a settling of heart, mind and body for me and… while I’m making wishes for myself, I have the same hopes for you.  Essentially, I hope we all can just sit down and close our eyes for a spell.  

Putting this post together is one of my favorite tasks in a week.  I hope you enjoy this offering.  I’ve heard some of your requests and added source mentions after each link so you know where you’re headed before you get there.

Have a lovely day – thank you for being here, ok?  

 The youth aren’t having it with your ‘thoughts and prayers’, Senators.  You hear them?  Teenagers Demand ‘Never Again’ in an Age of Mass Shootings. (The Atlantic)

 So Hey, How Worried Should I Be About The Flu?  (The Cut)  Like… worried enough to wipe down every surface around my airplane seat and give major side-eye to anyone who has the audacity to cough in my general vicinity?  Ok.  Because that’s where I’m at. 

 This saga: Worst Roommate Ever  (New York Magazine) 

 Pinterest worthy catch phrases really rub me the wrong way these days – unless they refer to me doing things like Beyonce.  This little gem from McSweeney’s really hits the spot:  An Open Letter To The Phrase “Positive Vibes Only”.  

 Our girl Karen Kilgariff of our podcast My Favorite Murder has profound thoughts about self acceptance and ranch dressing. (AVClub)

•  I Am A Masterchef Survivor. Y’all, reality television is ruff – don’t do it. 

 My friend Nicole and I were discussing our desire for luxury living and we’ve decided that we need to save up for stonewashed linen bedding.  Dreams, ok? (Food52)

 There are more Bakehouse workshops coming up!  Check out the schedule!  March is sold out but there are still spots in workshops this April and May! (Eventbrite)

 A Cozy Kitchen made this Cacio e Pepe Mac and Cheese that we all suddenly can’t live without. 

 These little dreams are one of my favorite thing to make (and eat):  Simple Jam Hand Pies

 I realize that I might be among the few people who love… cabbage.  Probably. Nevertheless, 5 Tips For Cooking Cabbage From Recipe Around The World.  (The Kitchn)

 Listen up, I love a sneaker. These are special

•  Mad respect for the Single Lady Pancake! The version pictured above has lemon zest and poppy seeds and thawed blueberries on top and all-in-all it was a very good idea.