Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 168!


I hope there’s a lightness to your Spring weekend.  Lightness and rest, and at least one wood-fired pizza.  

My friend Jon and I shot a new batch of recipes for the site this week so there’s some good stuff coming up!  We celebrated our hard work with pizza, at a new place called Echo’s in New Orleans.  It’s easily on my list of perfect Spring-time meals in the city.  I’ll have a longer list of my New Orleans favorites soon.  I’m trying to get you to come visit, wontcha!?

Here are some of the things that resonated this week: 

 Here’s what’s going on:  How Syria Came to This. (The Atlantic)

 From the Harvard Business Review: What Most Companies Get Wrong About Men and Women.  We aren’t a problem to be ‘fixed’, let’s just switch up the narrative that we’re soft negotiators and lack confidence because well, it’s SIMPLY NOT TRUE. 

 Fierce:  Barbara’s Backlash. (Vanity Fair)

 We owe Beyonce a debt of gratitude for all of the important things she says in every performance choice she makes. How Beyonce’s Coachella Performance Changed The Game Forever. (Elle)

 I remember one Christmas I didn’t get a present because I had neglected to write a timely thank-you-note.  Goodbye to the Tyranny of  Thank-You Notes.  Maybe this means we can ease up. (Slate)

 Clap-hands:  How The Pulitzers Chose Kendrick Lamar, According To A Juror. (The Atlantic)

 Why restaurants became so loud.  Welp, Mario Batalli is loud (and a slew of other less than graceful adjectives), and good acoustics are ‘spensive. (Vox)

 Have you watched Wild Wild Country on Netflix yet?  I’m far enough into it to feel like this opera-saga is stranger than fiction because humans are odd, loving, fighting, territorial, bullheaded, colorful creatures.  BUT here’s this:  9 Rajneeshpuram Residents On What Wild Wild Country Got Wrong. (The Cut)

 It feels like these words are for our souls to eat: A Community For Asking Big Questions. (On Being)

 This week I made a fresh strawberry version of these, Ina’s Apple Pie Bars.  I’ll share the recipe with you as soon as we’re all fairly and squarely within strawberry season.   (Joy the Baker)

  Fig Newton’s were the main cookie in our house growing up (to my great dismay) but now they hold a soft spot in my heart.  Deb made Homemade Fig Newton’s this week! (Smitten Kitchen)

 How can I justify another KitchenAid mixer?  Their new Bird of Paradise color is a thing of (my) dreams! (KitchenAid)

 Classic wardrobe, working on it.  Occasional trendy earring, easy. (Target)

Big love and more soon.

xo Joy