Let It Be Sunday, 170!

Hello my friends!

I’ve had one of those once-in-a-lifetime weekends in Louisville Kentucky at this year’s Kentucky Derby.  It’s such a unique, cultural tradition that I’ve celebrated with my dear friend Whitney in Los Angelesfor the past seven years and it felt really special to be in Kentucky for the real deal.  The horses are gorgeous, the jockeys are so strong. The hats were HUGE, y’all, and the rain was real. Sigh…. so real. 

I’ll be back in New Orleans by tomorrow afternoon and it will all just feel like an incredibly soggy dream that I’m grateful for.  I hope this weekend has sunshine and adventure in it for you. I hope you’re drinking in these bright Spring greens growing and flowers blooming.  It’s such a beautiful moment.  

Here is this week’s offering. I’m not talking about the president’s lawyers or Kanye West because we all need a break: 

 An array of problems arise with this opinion piece found in the Times this week:  The Redistribution of Sex, discussing the woes of a class of white men who dub themselves ‘involuntarily celibate’. I’m thankful for this companion piece that brings sense to things:  Someone Please Tell The Times That Incels Are Terrorists. (NYT and Village Voice)

 These perspectives are great and it’s always compelling to read how differently (and similarly) people answer the same questions:  The Interview from Leave it to Lenor. (Tumblr)

 One of life’s great mysteries:  Allergies or headache? (Bustle)

 This app delivers food to the hungry instead of to the trash.  (Fast Company)

 Let’s listen to Liz Phair this week.  Feels apropos.  Out of Exile: Twenty five years after her career-making album, Liz Phair is still writing songs first and foremost for herself.  (The Cut)

 The second season of The Handmaid’s Tale is out and I can watch it about twenty minutes at a time before freaking out. (Sidetone: Elisabeth Moss is not tryna hear about my fear.)   I think I’m going to queue up this show, too:  Killing Eve, starring Sandra Oh.  (Sidebote: remember when she left Dr. Burke standing at the aisle and had an epic panic attack in her wedding dress on Grey’s Anatomy?  Me too. Me too.) (Hulu, Refinery 29, BBC)

 If you’re looking for some May-time Mother’s Day ideas, here are a few thoughts:  Food52’s Unique Gift Ideas For Mom an from A Cozy Kitchen, 10 Cozy Things To Make This May

 This Easy Creamy Chicken is going to hit my table this week, for sure! (The Recipe Critic)

 Two versions of my very favorite cake:  Tres Leches Cake and Tres Leches Ice Cream.  (Joy the Baker and The Candid Appetite)

 I wore this sweet hat from Goorin Bros to the Derby this weekend.  They customized the ribbons for me which is a lovely thing they do in store.  Ready for your summer hat? 

 Wrap dresses this summer? The dress above is this Kate Spade dress

Thank you for your time here today!

My love to you,