Let It Be Sunday, 181!

Hi sweet friends!

I’d count this as a good week as there was sweet quality time with girlfriends AND I was in a bathing suit AND I dodged a sunburn.  In terms of summer happenings, we can count this one as a win.  

In the next few days I have the distinct pleasure of sharing my New Orleans kitchen with our girl Cara Nicoletti to make some truly indulgent summer sausage and a Baked Alaska dessert that we’re going to light all the way on fire.  What could go wrong? Well, if we buy a kiddie pool, basically nothing.  

I hope this week finds you summering well.  Why not now, you know? 

Here’s the offering this week.  Take some time: 

 I’m interested in your thoughts on this:  Women’s Media Is A Scam.  (The New Republic)

 Those pesky, sticky gender roles:  When Wives Earn More Than Husbands, Neither Like to Admit It. (New York Times)

 We lost a thoughtful one:  Los Angeles Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold Dies at 57. (Los Angeles Times)

 I’m here for this bit of balance:  The Vindication of Cheese, Butter, and Full-Fat Milk. (The Atlantic)

 Let’s check in on our Summer Bucket List! I’m in the thick of it… but still no book proposal in sight.  Working on it!! (Actually I’m not, but I’m trying.)  Also, it’s not too late to make one if you haven’t yet!  (Joy the Baker)  

 Or you could just chill on all the list making and have a very mellow summer (why didn’t I get this memo sooner?):  It’s Not Your Fault If You Can’t Get Anything Done in the Summer.   

 Related to all this talk of summer – JOMO (joy of missing out):  How to Make This the Summer of Missing Out. (New York Times)

•  Something I wouldn’t want you to miss out on:  Very Easy Peanut Butter Banana Bonbons. (Joy the Baker)

 I would like a pat on the back for installing my very own Ring Doorbell on my house this week and subsequently obsessing over watching people ride their bikes by my house on the feed. Also… I was telling a dude in my yoga teacher training about my new fancy doorbell and he boasted that he falls asleep at night with his doors unlocked so this doorbell would be more than he needs.  I suppose a lot of dudes don’t worry about things like basic safety.  Wow what a privilege? OK. (Amazon)

 Our friend The Candid Appetite has a new sweet show on Instagram called Married and Hungry and I think you should watch it! (Instagram) 

 Make, bake, and eat in the pan brownies! Thanks, Food52! 

 My favorite summer dress.  It’s just about all I wear.  (Pyne and Smith)

•  There are still a few spots left for our Labor Day BakeAway Weekend in New Orleans!  We’ll be baking, caking, photographing, styling, and drinking a lot of champagne! (The BakeAway Nola)

 Here’s a very sweet moment to take in: The Dog Photographers of the Year. (Digg)

That’s all for today, my friends!

My love to you.

xo Joy