Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 183!

Hello dear friends,

I’ve been visiting my sister in Seattle this week, and if you’ll forgive me a sentence or two of weather talk – WOW I’ve been almost chilly for the first time in months.  It rained. It was chilly and it rained – god bless! (Thank you for indulging me.)

We visited the restaurant Junebaby which was named (not so casually) the best restaurant in America by the Beard Foundation, and it doesn’t take reservation (which is very egalitarian of them I love it), and you most certainly have to stand in line for an early seat and it is most certainly worth every moment of waiting. The food is so thoughtful and deeply delicious.  

I’ve also visited Ashley Rodriguez who I have the pleasure of seeing all the time on the Internet, but don’t get to spend nearly enough time with face to face.  I visited her sweet studio and shop where she made me lunch with recipes from her forthcoming book and it was incredible – both the food and the lingering around the table talking about all the art we want to make. 

I hope the week for you is feeling very summery. These are the days. 

A reading offering is what follows. As always, take whatcha need and leave whatcha don’t: 

 Please read this: The Very American Killing of Nia Wilson. “There is a blinkered symmetry to the way Americans have been taught to understand violence that is gendered and violence that is racialized: the victims of the former are white women; the victims of the latter are black men. The same violence, when visited upon black women, falls outside the recognizable parameters of victimhood, and thus fails to register.”  (The New Yorker)

•  Are we running out of emotions?  That’s a real question, and here’s another: Is compassion fatigue inevitable in an age of 24 hour news?  And an op-ed piece from Roxanne Gay earlier this year: I’m outraged but failing at activism. Why? (The Guardian and NYT)

 Ok so the government is spying on my resting b*tch face at the airport.  It’s called: Quiet Skies.  This is nutty. (The Boston Globe with CLOSE in the top left corner to get past the pop up box)

 My mom was a mail carrier who worked hard to know and help her customers far beyond just delivering their mail.  This article made me cry because I saw my mom give of herself just as generously.  A Postman’s Final Salute: A Celebration of America and New York City.

 King James: LeBron James’ new school for at-risk kids features food pantries and free bikes. (Quartz)

 Lawson Craddock’s amazing last place finish at the Tour de France. (NPR)

 I feel attacked:  The art of buying books and never reading them

 Update:  you can now see how much time you’re spending / wasting on Instagram.  Otherwise known as, a reckoning. (Mental Floss)

 I echo these sentiments: Points-Obsessed Travelers Are Terrified of Losing Perks. (Bloomberg)

 This week I listened to this conversation between Oprah and Ram Dass: Super Soul Conversations – Ram Dass: The Life of a Spiritual Teacher. (YouTube)

 A new friend shared this playlist with me and as skeptical as I was, I’m not truly obsessed.  It’s a playlist Questlove made for Anthony Bourdain, in defense of yachrock . Dear Anthony. (Spotify)

 This dress represents how I want to feel all the damn time. (Free People)

Have a lovely Sunday!  Thank you for being here.

My love to you,