Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 185!

Hello friends!

It’s been an emotional and exciting week and, don’t worry, I’ve eaten plenty of cookies and french fries about all of it. I’ve also gone in on comfort food like Apricot Chicken with couscous – which, if you’re looking for dinner this week, is a very good idea.  

I’ve been working hard in my yoga teacher training and truly it feels like opening a box of infinity.  There’s so much to learn and so many paths to take.  It’s exciting and deeply overwhelming, and here I am also tryna put together an awesome playlist.  

Tron (that’s my cat) and I have been talking about adopting a dog friend, and lemme tell you – that’s an emotional experience because you can adopt one, but not all 12 that you meet.  Navigating… we’re navigating all of it.  

I hope your week has been steady.  Is it time to wear sweaters yet?  Are we close?  I know… I know… we’re not.  

Here’s the offering this week.  I’m very grateful you’re here! 

 Critical:  Journalists Are Not The Enemy – as more than 300 new publications band together to defend… oh just things we’ve taken for granted like a free press and democracy.  (Boston Globe)

 “A profound reflection of her time.”  Let those words absorb.  Aretha Franklin: a legacy in music. (The New Yorker).  But I think this piece on Aretha Franklin gives us a better understanding: musical genius, truth teller, freedom fighter (The Nation).  

  Just a quick trip into the world of intergender wrestling and an argument for women and men fighting for equality… literally… but as entertainment:  Equal Fights Movement. (ESPN)

 How do we feel about this?  The End of ‘Ladies First’ Restaurant Service. (Eater)  

 This podcast tickles my brain:  Everything Is Alive  “Who you are when you’re falling asleep, that’s who you really are.”  Deep thoughts from a pillow. (Everything Is Alive)

 When Relationships Can’t Possibly Live Up to the Meet-Cute.  I would argue there’s still a case for those little thrills of spark and romance, but maybe without all the expectation.  

•  Here’s the new card game we’re playing!  Nasty Woman Card Game. (Shrill Society)

 I absolutely love this cognac leather bag from Everlane

 I’ve had this song from Kacey Musgraves on repeat this week: Love Is A Wild Thing. (Spotify)

 A case for making Carrot Bread the new Banana Bread.  Obviously browned butter is the key. (Joy the Baker)

 Me at The Container Store:  I very probably need this very cute basket for something… I better buy fourteen of them.  

I’m thankful for you. Enjoy today!

xo Joy