Breakfast Pie Recipes Savory

Summer Tomato Pie

There’s a spectrum to Tomato Pies.  There are the Tomato Pies that think themselves Apple Pies:  double crusted, savory but spiced, and very very wet….   There are the Tomato Pies that should really be called Cheese Pie and the…

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Drinks Fruit Recipes

Summer Water

Summer water is different from other such seasonal beverages like Winter Water or Fall Water… or even Spring Water.  Those waters are just… water.   Summer Water is special.  Summer Water has rosé in it because there are precious few…

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Cakes Recipes

Tres Leches Cake

We really do have so much to celebrate!   The sun is above us shining bright.  The breeze is warm.  The shade is ample and cooling, if not still filled with pesky mosquitos.  We sweat.  Our drinks sweat.  Our neighbors…

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Recipes Savory Snacks

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burritos

Sushi Burritos:  an exercise in making my own dreams come true.  Also within the category of being my own dream maker:  making short ribs (really any ribs at all), making angel food cake (it as fluffy as dreams), and jelly-filled…

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