The One Year Rewind

Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Exactly one year ago I was rockin’ out with a mug of this stuff.  I was also saying things like “totally tubular!”  and “radical!”, wearing acid wash jeans, and hair-spraying my bangs into a tall wave across my forehead.  Ooooh 2008.

Banana Pudding Ice Cream. Rad, right?

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24 thoughts on “The One Year Rewind

  1. Heh, I just made this a few days ago with some homemade vanilla wafers, but I had to substitute cool whip with whipped cream. Even my mom thinks it’s good :)

  2. Funny you’re doing a 1-year re-wind. I just pulled out your recipe from last July for Raspberry Almond bread and made up a couple loaves!

  3. You mean big bangs and acid wash jeans are out???? Darn!!! I wish I would have read this post yesterday – he he. You MUST have ESP to re-post this recipe because I JUST bought a new Cuisinart ice cream maker today. The hubs things it will be a passing fad and said “well if you must have an ice cream maker then get one, but the first thing I want you to make is banana ice cream” and bam – here is an outstanding, totally awesome recipe!!! Can’t wait to give it a try!

  4. Duuuude! I’m soo behind the times. I’m still rockin the “totally tubular!” am I passe?!?! ah well, nothing new there lol.

    I love you Joy! You always make me smile and I needed that right now! :D

  5. Ooooh, well…….. some things are meant to be kept….. and some are meant to be a temporary episode… This dessert looks and sounds great. One things I don’t like though is to use Cool Whip! Not cool. Real heavy cream… so so much better and yumyummy.

  6. If this is as amazing as the chocolate peanut butter
    ice cream you posted- well then, I think I may be

  7. OHHHHHHHH, that looks delicious. Wish I had an ice-cream maker.

    Also? Don’t get rid of your acid-washed jeans. They’re back in Europe, which means we’re not too far behind…

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