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June 2010

Pie Recipes tips

How To Make Pie Crust… do it.

We’ve talked about pie crust before, you and I. I thought today might be a good day for a little refresher.  The breeze outside is mighty fine, the sun seems pretty friendly, I’ve got chilled butter in the fridge, and……

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Chocolate Nuts Recipes

Rocky Road Brownies

So… you know that part in Scent of a Woman… yes, hello, 1992…. when blind Al Pacino sniffs out pretty ladies… literally… and somehow worms his way into their good graces?  Have you seen Scent of a Woman staring Al…

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Wedding Cake: almost the end

  mmm. mmm. mmmmmm. There were a lot… and I mean aaaaaa loooooot of steps between this bowl of batter and decorating this wedding cake onsite, ten minutes before the ceremony. I want to tell you about all those steps….

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Cakes Chocolate Recipes Vanilla

Wedding Cake: the middle

I’m surrounded by cake.  Right now.  Literally surrounded. I’m also eating a vegan enchilada… but that’s neither here nor there. I’m taking a break on this Friday Wedding Cake Extravaganza Madness Day to give you a glimpse of what’s going…

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