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Have you taken a look at the Meet Joy section of the site?

You can, it’s been spiffed up… but don’t feel obligated.  It’s just more about me and why I’m so ridiculous…. and why I have such a sweet tooth… and what my favorite color is.  Just the basics.

I happen to love getting all up in peoples’ business and when a site’s about page is skimpy, my nosey brain can’t get workin.

If you’re a nosey brain like me… feel free to also stalk me on Twitter and the Facebook.  Indulge the nosey brain.  Just do it.

73 thoughts on “Meet Joy

  1. I really like the updated “Meet Joy” section (oh and seeing that picture of the toasted marshmallow milkshake reminded me I need to make that soon)!
    Congratulations on the cookbook! I look forward to reading it in 2012!

  2. Hi Joy,
    This is my second visit here and I already fell in love with your ways…. of life…of bloging… Can’t stop reading and watching those photos… Me and my polish culinary blogging friends run weekend’s bakery and I’ll be hosting one soon so that means that I have to offer a great (not so difficult) recipe for a bread. I was wondering if you could recommend one of your recipes for a bread or bake rolls – I’m sure it will be a great fun to do bake it… :)

    Have a lovely day, Joy!

  3. hi joy,
    your blog rules-but how is it that your moms is now a purple-hot-dog-casserole-makin’ woman instead of the cake-decoratin’ lady she was in your earlier “meet joy”?

  4. I love a good “about me” section – one of the first places I look whenever I discover a new blog. Having said that I should update my own!

  5. Thanks for entertaining our nosey curious nature. You look fab in that dress, very Mad Men-ish old school glam (with tattoos!) ;-)
    And in case you ever get tired of your cat (I know, I know never gonna happen) I’m willing to adopt him that very instant.

  6. I agree the dress is so pretty.
    I read the previous version of Meet Joy. I like it is something what is changing.
    And I have something to tell you. Under some post I posted a comment that I would love to move to other country and guess what? I’m going to Ireland at the end of February.
    So I think your blog have some dream come true power.
    Good luck with your book

  7. I just need to say how much I like your dress! Pretty! And the random facts about you at the end cracked me up, and since its now a little past midnight and I have literally been studying for three days straight and the big test is tomorrow…. I needed a little bit of laughter before bedtime! Thanks for always brightening my day (or night… or whatever it is anymore!) with your fantastic baking and blogging skillz.

  8. I love a good about section, thanks for the infos! It’s always so hard to describe yourself, especially to an audience that could be anyone.

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