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Super Spinach Smoothie


This is my undo smoothie.  This is my redo smoothie.

This is my no you can’t add bourbon to that smoothie.

This is my ooooh geeez, I can’t eat any more brioche smoothie.

This is my whats wrong with you!?  stop thinking about pie and waffles!!! smoothie.

It can’t all be pink doughnuts and pickle fries.

Think smoothie.  It really is a relief.


Let’s go through what we need for smoothies:  almond milk, fresh spinach, ripe banana, creamy honey, and amazing grass green powder.

Let’s go through what we don’t need for smoothies:  pie, french fries, chocolate chunks, vodka, sprinkles, cream cheese, and cheeseburgers.

Follow the lists.  Don’t mix up the list.  Delicious, but unwise.


Is it possible for a smoothie full of green things to taste good?  Of course it is!  Greens are transformed in the blender!

Remember this Cucumber Strawberry smoothie?  Sweet and divine.  Kale aaaand Spinach in a smoothie, just add pear.

Greens in smoothies are a great way to jump start the health during a day.  Greens on the inside before doughnuts and chocolate go on the inside.  It’s my general rule of thumb.

Super Spinach Smoothie

serves 1

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1 ripe banana (frozen bananas are best in smoothies)

1 big heaping cup clean spinach leaves

1 tablespoons honey

1 tablespoon amazing grass green powder

1 cup cold almond milk

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Enjoy immediately!  Feel the health!