Ten (Super Rad) Blog Post Ideas


Vanilla Cupcakes

Beyond being a baker, I’m also a blogger.  Had you noticed.  Yea… it’s a real thing.

Maybe you’re a blogger too!  There are tons of blogs these days.  They’re beautiful!  The internet has definitely become a more lovely place… thank you fashion and design bloggers.  For real.   With so much bright, fun, and creative ideas flowing… do you ever wonder HOW?  How do bloggers consistently come with new content, and new clever things to say?

Let me tell you a bit of truth… sometimes I just sit in front of the computer and wonder what… what what whaaat I could possibly write to you.  Should I tell you more about my cat?  No… probably not.  Should I tell you more about my nail polish obsession?  I should probably go easy on that.

Sometimes the work is effortless. Other times… it’s nice to fall back on a few tricks.

Here’s a list of Ten Super Awesome Blog Post Ideas.  Try working within these little bits of inspiration.  Sometimes we just need a nudge in a different direction.

From my blogging heart to yours,


ps.  The cupcakes?  They’re Twelve Cupcakes and Frosting with just one stick of butter… it’s like a party trick in your kitchen.


One:  A How-To Post

Just think about all the little things you know how to do!  How-to posts don’t need to be elaborate or complicated.  It’s all about relaying information… fun, simply, and beautifully.  How to Make a Friendship Bracelet.  How to Make a Body Scrub.  How to Trick Your Cat into Sleeping While You Cook.  How to Roast Garlic.

There are a million things you know how to do.  Photograph one of them and make it a pretty post!

Two:  Inspired By!

Everything I write about was inspired by something I’ve seen, consumed, and otherwise enjoyed.  From gorgeous food, to breathtaking photography… inspiration is everywhere.  Detail it!  Share your beauty with everyone around you.  I regularly use my iPhone camera to capture moments out in the world that inspire me.  I find that this little camera is a simple way to keep your eyes open in seeing what’s around me.


Three:  What are you reading?

A glimpse at that giant stack of books on the nightstand is 100% satisfying.  It calms the nosey nerves, and inspires me to seek out new things for my brain to digest.  Right now I’m reading An Everlasting MealThe Happiness Project, and How to Eat a Cupcake.  Yes… three at once.  I also read Thought Catalog regularly.  It’s smart and funny… I’m totally obsessed.

Four:  Let’s do a list!

The only thing more satisfying that creating a list, is crossing things off that list.  People love lists, so… give the people what they want!  Shutterbean works lists every week in posts called I Love Lists Friday!  They’re major.

It can be as simple as Five Things I Love!

You might also consider  these Top 10 Real Talk Blog Tips as a sort of ‘meta’ example of listing.  Lists on lists on lists.

pesto collage

Five: A Best-of Post

Real Talk:  I do these best-of, round-up recipe posts when I’ve burned cookies and I have nothing new and chocolaty to show you.  It’s just real life.

Six: A Diary Excerpt

Bust out the diary.  Flip to the center… where you were sixteen (almost seventeen) and  you asked that really tall, awkward boy out to junior prom, and you were the biggest dork (in a journalism class FULL of dorks), and you had no idea how to tame your frizzy bangs (and you wondered why you had bangs to begin with), you borrowed you mom’s blue eyeshadow, and you could not (for the life of you) see the light at the end of the oh-my-god-why-am-I-so-awkward- tunnel.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Yea…. so.  Write about that stuff.  It’s painfully relatable.  Trust.

Seven: Somewhat ridiculous unsolicited advice

Oh my gosh.  I’m so good at offering unsolicited advice!  Duh.  Who isn’t good at this?   You didn’t ask… but I’ve got words for you.  Ex:  On Turning Twenty-One.

Ps.  I’m spot on with the point number ten.


Eight:  Before-and-After

A before and after post takes just a bit of discipline.  You must be disciplined enough to take a picture of something before, during, and after.  Maybe it’s a new, awesome haircut!  Maybe it’s the  before and after results of a monster desk clean-up.  Tracy is MAJOR when it comes to Before-and-After!  She’s an organizing whizkid!    Seriously epic.

Nine:  A Day in the Life

From morning to night… let’s get real nosey with it!  Also… if there’s a chocolate cake involved… that’s pretty major.  Making Baking and Consuming the Best Chocolate Bundt Cake… it’s a day in the life of sorts.  Check it.    Go easy on yourself in the Day in the Life posts.  Not everything is picture perfect… and that’s just real life.  Go on!

Ten:  A giveaway!

Think of something weird that you love… and share it with everyone.  That’s actually how I live my whole life.  Giveaways are a great way to share thing that you love with an excited group of people.  If they like you, chances are they’re going to like the weird things you like.  Be generous and give.  It feels great!


Be well.  Happy Blogging… and have fun, dangit!


150 thoughts on “Ten (Super Rad) Blog Post Ideas

  1. I love this post, Joy. Like you, there are times when I have absolutely no idea what I want to talk about, mostly because I’m terrified my crazy and excessive thoughts will completely scare away anyone who reads my blog… I can be a little strange sometimes.

    I’ve always felt compelled to do a giveaway, but do you sponsor yourself or does the product’s company sponsor it for you???

  2. This is fantastic! I have been blogging for a little over a year, but sometimes I have no idea what to say and end up just writing about things I’ve been thinking about or saw that day but we allllll know that isn’t that exciting. Thanks so much!

  3. Believe it or not, your post magically mostly always made me thinking “hey i feel the same way too, i thought about that too” maybe you could be my bestie in the real life :D . Truly love your writing. Effortless yet very beautiful :)

  4. Love these. I should definitely do the list one – and the day in the life more often. I’ve got a “week” in the life (sort of) coming, but the lists – must do the lists. And what I’m reading.

    Thanks for the advice!

  5. Thanks Joy. This is great advice and something I’m going to try and do in some of my upcoming blog posts. I love your tips on inspiration as thats something I am always on the look out for.


  6. Love the 10 ideas and what I’ve found works the best if I’m ever at a loss for words (rarely!) but don’t feel like I have anything amazing or newsworthy to share is to either run a giveaway…ha!

    Or just look over the pictures on my memory card stick that are just sitting in Lightroom and find the most interesting one and talk about that and include a link to a previous recipe that is fitting…basically, make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Not that you asked for what the rest of us do when we’re a little stumped but I post driven by what pictures I have waiting.

    Your posts rock, period!

  7. Thanks for the great advice Joy! There are so many lovely blogs out there it can be overwhelming. It is always good to find ways to mix it up a little. You are truely an inspiration :)

  8. I think more carefully about what I write these days. Sometimes (or often) I get stuck but eventually something comes to me. This is a handy list to have around! I already use some/many of these tactics but you know, having it all laid out like that can get one to the ‘aha!’ moment quicker.

  9. This is a great blog post. Super helpful and definitely something I will do in the next few posts. My posts have become quite similar and it is time for me to start doing something more fun or come up with something creative to share. Thank you so much for this lesson! You are awesome!

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