Notes to Self: part two

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so continues the series on Joy the Baker.  I make notes to myself.   How to live.   How not to live… and how it’s ok if I burn the cookies.  

YOU’RE ALLOWED a maximum of one freak-out per month.  After said freak-out, get it together… call your mom, text your sister, walk it off, dance it out, massage it away, buy a new lipstick, fax your accountant, write your grandmother, and eat as many Tootsie Rolls as necessary.

Exceptions include:  the nine months of pregnancy, tax season, and any month that contains one or more days of jury duty.

Part One:  Be Bold

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65 thoughts on “Notes to Self: part two

  1. Joy, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I think you are fabulous. You speak to my soul and make me want to live a freer life.

  2. Phew- the nine months of pregnancy make the one per month pretty hard, I think I’ve still kept it under control and one/month but with less than two months less— it may increase. ;) ….And after the baby too- give me a couple months to get used to no sleep.

  3. I love this. especially as I think I just had my June freakout. Im trying not to let it move into July. Im dealing.


  4. Freaked out over inertness in life.
    Went to house of great friend.
    Ate cheesy roasted pumpkin risotto.
    Cried. Laughed.
    Strawberry and chocolate tart.
    Cried. Laughed.
    Hugged goodbye.
    Went home with lighter heart.
    Freak out for June accomplished.

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