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April 25, 2013

weekend inspiration

Can we talk about our weekend inspiration?  Let’s take on the rest, the recharge, and the gathering and laughing with friends.  Can we turn the email down and the Fleetwood Mac way way up?  Can we find reason to bust out the sunscreen?  Can we order a basket of French Fries at Brunch and order another basket at 1am after a very loud night of karaoke?

Can there be cold negronis and long dog walks.  Maybe some catnip and breakfast cake?  Too much coffee and a long afternoon nap?  Oooh man… I’m just talkin’ dirty now.

My wish for you is that at least some of your weekend is a true weekend for you.  Even if there’s a clock you have to punch, or overtime in your future… I hope there is at least a moment of cake and/or sunshine and/or a snooze button and/or an extra cup of coffee.

Here’s some weekend inspiration.

I love you (seriously, I do).  Happy Friday!

weekend inspiration

I spent some weekend time with my maj Tracy from Shutterbean.  I sliced into this Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake like it was my life’s work.  I also played Star Wars Legos with four-year-old Cooper.  Pretty much the best ever.

Sidenote:  I may have ignited a previously dormant passion for Legos.  We can talk about that later.

weekend inspiration

Making scones is part of a super relaxing weekend, right?  These lavender scones are coming atcha in a few weeks.  In the meantime, these Maple Blueberry joints are the business.

weekend inspiration

The Ivy is a Los Angeles institution.

It’s the kind of restaurant where the salads are $40, and  you’re probably enjoying your lunch next to a Kardashian or three.  Maybe you’re into that sort of thing.  The Ivy is full of roses, which got me thinking…

weekend inspiration

I should make a Rose Cake!

I’m still tweaking the recipe, but I’ll have it ready for you around Mother’s Day.

weekend inspiration

Work feels less like work when you’re doing it with friends.

Grab you camera this weekend, call a friend, go see what you can see!  It’s totally fun.  Flowers, pets, and big bushes of Bougainvillea make excellent subjects.

weekend inspiration

Just call him.

He could be wearing a party hat for no reason.  Call and ask.

weekend inspiration

Weekends can also all about meeting new friends, making them Ina Garten’s Baked Shrimp Scampi, and eating all mellow-like on the front patio.  Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess are fun people to sit outside with.  They don’t look at you crazy when you go in for second and third helpings of shrimp and rice, and they bring over Whiskey Lemonades.  Kindness abound.

I hope your weekend is full of work that you want to do.  Sleep in like it’s your j.o.b… that has really comfy pillows.

xo j

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  • Pining for the weekend now, have a lovely weekend joy!

  • rose cake seems interesting! I remember eating some crunchy rose petals that were covered with hard caramel on one side I’m curious to see what your rose cake will look like !:D

  • weekends are the best – when you have time of course. everything seems a little bit more possible when you’re not worrying about day-to-day things like you are during the work week. jimmy fallon should write a thank you note simply for weekends.

  • you don’t have to tell me twice! I have absolutely nothing on my agenda this weekend and I couldn’t be happier :)

  • I will be taking your advise and having a wonderful weekend! Guess what?!? Maybe we can have a great weekend together at BTP!

  • I wish in NYC I knew someone that knows someone where I could dine al fresco. I mean in NYC you feel like the luckiest person alive if you have a tiny little outdoor space. Unfortunately I don’t, but it’s nice to dream.
    Love all your inspiration for the weekend.
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

  • Great advice, something I must do! Thanks

  • I have a work conference in Orlando, in June. How does one balance the urge to eat cake and not wanting to look like a blob in a booth?? Does anyone have the answers? And if the Kardashians are there, I will not.

  • Thank you, Joy. This is such a blessing and I WILL have me some weekend, doggonit! At least a little bit!

  • Love your Dad in the party hat… Why not!!! Have a great weekend.

  • Love your phothos!! Have a great weekend!

  • Man oh man this post gave me that happy, fuzzy weekend feel. It’s just a bummer I’m in the middle of exam season and coffee consumption is a necessity rather than a luxury at the mo! I’m bookmarking this to come back to in two weeks when I can fully embrace that Friday feeling once more. Keep being awesome Joy x

  • TGIF! I just completed a long work week and my weekend has now officially started. Tomorrow, i plan on hanging out in my bed most of the day. I am so sore from work. That is heavenly after a long week. Then I hope to enjoy whatever fun thing I plan to do after I’m all rested up. Maybe I’ll go shopping!

  • Tracy’s oatmeal cake is on my radar screen too. Now you have me craving it…that frosting!

    And I love the shot of those cameras!

  • Your post just got me excited for the weekend. Seriously having a teenager in the house of our “Modern Family” (Me + 2 kids + Boyfriend + his 2 kids) has been not so fun. She is angry and moody. It sucks. I am trying hard to remember how it was for me when I was her age. Which also sucks because I remembered how old I am now.
    Anyway, I love your blog. You rock!
    Happy weekend!

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