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Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

Be advised:  It would be best not to get in between me and my burrito.

I’m talking about the kind of burrito that’s the size of a newborn baby and served, covered in cheese and red sauce, on a scalding hot that plate that I always touch even thought I’m cautioned against it.  The kind of burrito that is filled with so much cheese, so much rice, so much stewed beef, so much guacamole… it feels as right as it does obscene.

Yea… don’t get in between me and that burrito.  It’s probably best if we don’t even make eye contact.

This (thankfully/sadly) is not that burrito.

Let’s welcome cauliflower to the table.  We’ll set aside all the beef, red sauce, and most of the cheese momentarily.

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

This recipe starts with Cauliflower Rice which I’m pretty sure is ALL THE RAGE on paleo blogs.  I make the opposite of a paleo blog, so…. this might seem a little strange.

We’re talking about the simple art of turning raw cauliflower florets into little bits of simulated rice.  It’s good, it’s really really good!

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

Cauliflower + Food Processor = Cauliflower Rice.

I used a purple and green cauliflower, not because I’m fancy, mostly because that’s what looked fresh at the grocery.

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

Once the cauliflower is pulverized, it’s placed into a hot skillet with olive oil.  It’s sautéed, softened, and browned.  Salt and pepper are generously added.

Cauliflower, olive oil, salt and pepper are just the basics.  This rice really can take on any flavor that you’d like.

You might consider adding:

– sautéed onions and garlic.

– roasted tomatoes and fresh cilantro.

– fresh lemon juice and parsley.

You can decide on your degree of fancy.  It’s up to you!

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

I surrounded my simply seasoned cauliflower rice with burrito bowl inspired flavors:  fresh avocado, black beans, spicy salsa, cilantro, jalapeños, leafy kale greens,  cheese and freshly fried corn chips because CAN WE LIVE A LITTLE!?  Yes, of course we can.

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

The kale is cooked down with olive and garlic.  Wilty but not too wilty.

Cheese is grated, because we like treats, and chips are ready to be fried.

cauliflower rice burrito bowls

I think this bowl is best served in zones… unlike, very unlike a well-made burrito.

Warm cauliflower rice, garlic greens, black beans, crispy salty fried corn chips, shredded cheddar, avocado chunks, lime and spicy salsa.

Totally burrito bowl good-times without feeling like we ate an entire burrito baby.  Protein + greens + vegetables + a little cheese for good measure.  I’m pretty sure the next step is getting way way into CrossFit, so… get ready!

Cauliflower Rice Burrito Bowl

makes 2 bowls

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For the Cauliflower Rice:

(Like any rice, this cauliflower rice takes on any flavor that you’d like.  Feel free to add sautéed onions, garlic, or fresh herbs to this rice.  Below are the bare bones of cauliflower rice.)

1 small head of raw cauliflower, any color, cut into medium florets

2 tablespoons olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

For the Burrito Bowls:

(Divide and heap each of the following onto two large shallow bowls, or two plates.)

2 large portions of cauliflower rice

1 cup black beans, warmed

2 cups kale or spinach, wilted and sautéed in olive oil and garlic

2 spoonfuls spicy salsa

2 small handfuls shredded cheddar cheese

1 ripe avocado, sliced or cut into chunks

pickled jalapeños

fresh fried corn tortilla chips

fresh cilantro leaves

To make the cauliflower rice, place florets in a food processor fitted with the blade attachment.  Process until cauliflower is ground into fine bits that resemble bits of rice or couscous.

Place a large skillet over medium heat.  Add olive oil.  Add the cauliflower bits to the heated pan and toss to combine.  Allow to cook until the cauliflower rice has softened slightly and browned, about 6 to 8 minutes.  Season generously with salt and pepper.  Add any other flavoring, herb, or seasoning you might enjoy.  Remove from heat and spoon into two large bowls.  If you have any excess rice, store it in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

To make a burrito bowl, start with a large shallow bowl or plate.  Spoon cauliflower rice onto the plate.  Spoon warmed black beans next to the rice.  Spoon sautéed kale next to the beans.  Top generously with hot salsa, shredded cheese, ripe avocado, pickled jalapeños, fried tortilla chips, and fresh cilantro leaves.  Enjoy!