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Let It Be Monday

Let It Be Monday

Welcome to a new week, my friends!  It’s Monday Funday and if you’re not all the way into it, here’s a few helpful tips to get into it:  11 Little Ways To Get Through This Monday.  

We’re not going to talk about this whole weird dress color controversy.  We can just let that one go, right?  I hope this week holds good hair, hot coffee, easy emailing, and general good vibes.   I’m settling into my new kitchen and have some delicious things in store for us.  There’s a donut thing happening with cheese and mustard.  We need to talk about that soon.  

The Internet, for us: 

•  Leonard Nimoy:  What I’ve Learned.  

•  The Elastic Brain.  Can neuroscience expand the mind of a child past childhood?  

•  Scott Budnick, producer of the Hangover movies, is one of the most effective advocates for prison reform in California:  Outside Man.  Here’s a challenging article about what happens when we send teenagers to adult prisons for non-violent crimes: A Boy Among Men.  

•  George Harrison’s memorial tree in Griffith Park is destroyed by beetles.  There’s got to be an emoji sequence for this kind of irony, right?   

•  Rage against the tyranny of sitting:  The Standing Desk.  

•  Slot Machine Science.  Put a Wheel of Fortune wheel on a slot machine and count me all the way in! 

•  Let’s imagine all the things we can do with Brie Cheese.  

•  The tidying trend.  Let’s do it!  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  

•  New rule:  no WebMD searches after 8pm and if we scroll through more than 3 pages we’re cut off because we’re officially freaking ourselves out.  Also… Looking Up Symptoms Online?  These Companies Are Tracking You.  Nooooooooo. 

I love you and Happy Monday!