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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello, friends!  I’m pretty sure a flurry of things happened between last Monday and last Friday, but I couldn’t tell you exactly what.  It was a flurry of this and that, over here and over there.  All I know is, I’ve been craving a cheeseburger for the past 6 days and at some point I’m going to have to take that a reality.  That’s not all I know… I know a few more things.  Here they are, in Internet form:  

•  ‘For six New Yorkers age 85 and older, whose lives were followed throughout the year, old age is a mixture of happiness and sadness, with less time wasted on anger and worry.’  The Wisdom of the Aged 

•  It was hard to say goodbye to David Bowie because he was among the most talented and bizarre and authentic among us.  David Bowie and the Proust Questionnaire.   

•  I got halfway through this article (he’d want me to call it ‘a piece’) by Sean Penn… his exclusive interview (barf) with Mexico’s most infamous, dangerous, confirmed horrible human, and drug lord El Chapo before I wanted to punch both of them in the face.  It’s ego meets ego, and generally self-congratulatory and insensitive and inane.  So… there’s that.  See also, The Tragic Farce of El Chapo.  

•  Girl power:  7 Women Who Are Transforming the Food Industry.

•  An extensive list of things that women do to defend their safety.  We grasp our keys between our knuckles, avoid eye contact, and never ever ever open the front door:  The Burden of “Being Careful”.  

•  Let’s daydream about pastry:   Braided Lemon Bread.  

•  Several things crossed my mind when I watched this video with magician David Blaine and actor Harrison Ford, featuring an orange and the F-word  1.  Does David Blaine have hair plugs? If so, is that the real magic?  I’m guessing yes.  2.  Harrison Ford’s overall skepticism gets a thumbs up.  3.  I wish Harrison picked a fruit from the bottom of the bowl.  4.  The thing that irks me about David Blaine is his cadence.  It reminds me of a dad’s slow lecture talk.  Talk faster!  Let’s go, we’ve got things to do!  Also, sleight of hand secrets revealed, here.  

 This is a link about why you shouldn’t throw away cauliflower leaves and I was skeptical too, but you should click it anyway.  

•  My maj Shutterbean on Habits.  She’s got some good thoughts about the new year.  Sidenote: many of you have asked about why Tracy and I stopped podcasting and when we would start again.  Let me tell you the honest truth… which is what truth should always be.  I had a hard / weird / all-over-the-place year and I didn’t know how to approach it, how to  talk about it, and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to talk about it… and the Joy the Baker Podcast is between me and my best friend and I didn’t know how to be authentic while I was in such a space.  We pressed pause.  And hopefully we’ll press play again sometime, maybe soon, maybe soon.  

•  Apparently the world won’t end if you Take Your Effing Lunch Break.  But the 30 minute lunch break is a crock of hooey.  

•  Let’s all laugh-cry together because really… everything is so accurate.  What Every Woman Thinks When Her Crush Gets a New Girlfriend

•  Let’s make a giant batch for this week.  It will be gone in two days no matter how big the batch.  Marakesh Carrot Salad

•  Flare Corduroys are back (and better than ever?).  

•  I love this dark green and pale peach color combination.  

•  These are my newly discovered favorite brand of candles because they smell wonderful, last a long time, and don’t cost 80 trillion dollars.  

•  I’ve watch Adele’s Carpool Karaoke four times because it’s endlessly charming and so so so funny!  The female Phil Collins.

Have a very great day! 

xo Joy