Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 119!

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday.  

More importantly… Happy Mother’s Day!  Can we talk for a moment about how you really feel about breakfast in bed?  Yay or nay?  

I’m not able to spend this Mother’s Day with my mom this year but I do get to look forward to a post-church Facetime call with my parent’s foreheads and their dining room ceiling.  Listen… getting that camera angle right is tough.  I know.

The picture above is, and this isn’t an exaggeration, one of the best pictures ever taken in the history of photography.  It most accurately depicts my mom’s grace and calm, inner beauty, sweet sweater style, excellent taste in husbands, and amiable second child.  Then there’s me, losing my ever-loving mind because the world wasn’t going my way.  Listen… Mom doesn’t mess with riff-raff and I was most certainly being the riff-raff.  She’s my life goalz, forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to mine and you and yours.  I wish for you, quiche… if nothing else. 

Here’s some of this week’s interesting reads from around the Internet: 

•  What an Immigration Murder in Kansas Says About America.  Some perspective, and a long look at nativism.  

•  This is a really interesting read about Fannie Lou Hamer, food sovereignty, and 1960’s America:  The Hidden Radicalism of Southern Food

 Podcast alert!  I’ve started listening to NPR’s First Up every morning and it’s a very informative 12 minutes of news each weekday. 

•  Amazon is making Seattle folks real real mad. But be honest, Seattle… it’s not like you were all that friendly to begin with. I say this as a loving and honest former resident… ok?  Don’t be mad, you have kombucha everywhere and my sister’s ice cream. Life could be way way worse.

•  All those tap-backs and push ups and expertly crafted playlists were hard-fought and well-earned. What it’s like to audition to be a top fitness instructor.

•  Here’s some inspiration:  12 Millennial Women On Earning Money Through a Side Side Hustle.  Now that I’m reading this, it would appear that my entire online career is actually a side-hustle.  I’m now currently brainstorming a hustle-hustle. Panic? Only a little. 

 Very important.  Watching Nicole Kidman real-talk Giada de Laurentiis’ tough old bread is like more satisfying than I’d like to admit, but I’m admitting it anyway.  

•  Adrianna made this gorgeous Mint Chocolate Chip Cake and I’m daydreaming which Drake lyrics I’d slap on that jammer. 

 These are Tracy’s Favorite Art Supplies.  Boom boom pow.  

•  Thinking about Mother’s Day this week reminded me of this heartfelt book.  I cried at the end. It wasn’t pretty, but it never is.  This is a really great read:  Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou

•  In praise of Bitters and Soda.  A very good reminder for summer beverages since we’ll be drinking a lot of those. This article also had me thinking we should all get ourselves a Sodastream as our Happy Summer gift to ourselves.  File under: self-care? 

•  A Case For Hard Shell Tacos.  And listen… you don’t even really need to make an impassioned case because I’m already on your side; let’s plate em up! 

 Welp… all of a sudden I need gingham bedsheets. That happened quickly. 

Enjoy this day! 

xo to you,