Beyond the Kitchen

Summer Bucket List, 2017!

Today, on this fine bonus Sunday, let’s meditate on the shape of our summer.  What sort of adventures do you want to add to the middle of your year?  Follow up question: can there be chili cheese dogs involved because that would be GREAT.  

I’ve written a Summer Bucket List for the past two years (2015 and 2016), inspired in part by my best friend Tracy.  It’s a fun way to pause, re-evaluate the year, and inject some adventure into the warm days to come.  Here’s this year’s list. I hope you’ll fashion yours and get out into the world all wide-eyed and thrilled (wearing sunscreen, of course).  These are good days, indeed! 

BUCKET LIST buck•et list (noun): a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have accomplished during their lifetime.  Also, a 2007 comedic film featuring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.  

SUMMER BUCKET LIST sum•mer buck•et list (noun):  a list of things that a person would like to accomplish and experience during the summer months.  If done correctly, should involve sand in your shoes, cold wine, and sidewalk chalk.  

1  • Buy a piano and start piano lessons.  I have my eye on a piano and I have some old jazz in my fingers from taking lessons as a child.  I think it’s time to bang around and fill my house with music.  It’ll be bad for a while and that’s ok.  

2  •  Play with calligraphy using some online courses and the pens and books from my maj Tracy! Game up that handwriting game! 

3  •  Garden – in the early mornings before the sun beats and the mosquitos wake.  Also… talk to the fig tree about becoming more of a tree and less of a bush, I dunno. 

4  •  Finish Book 4 proposal.  Ooooh good grief those words.  We’ve been down this road but always it looks and feels different and unpaved.  Still though. Look around and write it down. 

5  •  Go on a bike adventure. Can it be in Maine or Vermont?  Can dreams come true? 

6  •  Read:  In Other Words by one of my very favorite authors Jhumpa Lahiri.  It’s a books written side-by-side in English and Italian as the author learns to express herself in a different language.  

7  •  Love, openly and relentlessly.  Because life is short and life is long.

8  •  Stay sexy; don’t get murdered.  That goes without saying everyday, right?  Are you a murderino, too?  Mostly this means going for steamy New Orleans runs while listening to My Favorite Murder (in the daytime).  

9  •  Shelter volunteer, walk some dogs!  I’ve been talking to Tron (that’s my cat) about us getting a dog.  He’s curious but very skeptical.  I’m going to walk some pups to help out and feel out my true doggie intentions. 

10  •  Put together Fall Bakehouse Schedule!  We’re making more pies and cakes this Fall, y’all!!  I’ll have a schedule for you soon so you can plan a New Orleans getaway if you’d like to come down! 

11  •  Plan a solo travel adventure.  I’m looking at you, Detroit. 

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?  I would love to know what you’re hoping for this year.  

I think you’re wonderful. Enjoy this fine day and the happy summer days ahead.

xo Joy