Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 126!

Hello sweet friends.  

This might find some of you enjoying an all-American holiday weekend, and if that is the case… I hope you’re feeling relaxed and easy and certainly not following the man in the White House on Twitter.  May your watermelon be chilled. May your pool be heated.  May your fireworks display have free parking.  May we all enjoy this weekend in America despite the 24-hour news cycle.  

I’ve been in a self-imposed friend craft-camp this week.  You know, just really enjoying the summer dying fabrics and making flowers out of paper and this weekend I need to move my body around (hopefully in a pool) for a change of pace.

I hope this weekend brings you what you need.  We’re in the middle of summer.  Let’s enjoy it before it slips through our fingers.  

Here’s some of this and some of that according to the Internet: 

•  Place and perspective: A Doctor’s View of Obamacare and Trumpcare from Rural Georgia.

 I’m not sorry I can’t (read: WON’T) make myself smaller so you feel more comfortable, dude.  I tried that once and I could never be small enough.  Boy, byeee.  I Finally Accepted Being An Intimidating Woman.  

 Here’s a real life positive thing to think about: A sweet baby angel umpire saved a woman on a bridge.  Also I hope this woman gets the help she needs. 

 When food is process and rewarding ritual and not just numbers.  

 Ok so… we have to re-teach ourselves how to sleep, there’s a workout class that combines yoga with dance and cathartic shouting, and I refuse to consider that fecal transplants are a thing that sane people do.  The Wellness Epidemic.  It’s the new language isn’t it?  My advice:  don’t skimp on the butter, do some yoga or go for a walk, and cathartic shout at your boyfriend once a month because you need to and he likely needs a kick in the pants. There, done.

 I spent the last few days in a craft cave (my dining room) with my friend Suzonne.  We made paper flowers and shibori dyed loads of fabric.  If you’re feeling crafty here are two inspiration tutorials:  Paper Icelandic Poppies on Design Sponge and Shibori Dye on HonestlyWTF.  

 For when you have peaches and lemons and feel very thirsty:  Peach and Cardamom Lemonade.  I’ll be honest in letting you know that this holiday weekend I’m very interested in Homemade Chili Cheese Dogs

•  I can vouch for these ribs made in the oven!  Thank you, TheKitchn! 

 The borrowed book I’ll be taking on my next plane ride:  Hold Still: a memoir with photographs by Sally Mann. 

 Remember this song?  Boys II Men: Water Runs Dry.  I think this album taught me about love and relationships.  Well Boys II Men and Alanis Morissette.  Don’t worry… I’m mostly ok. 

A very beautiful tabletop splurge. For ambiance, v v v v v v important ambiance. Handmade navy taper candles from Food52

•  This brush on sunblock is going in my travel bag. 

Pull on the swimsuit and enjoy the pool.  Happy Sunday!

xo Joy