Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 155!

Hello dear friends.

Happy Sunday. I hope this finds you ready and fortified to face another day.  Well… have a cup of coffee first. Maybe an egg.  Then feel fortified.  Did some of you marched in a women’s march, yesterday? I commend you, and I just pumped my fist in the air at your power.  I spent yesterday at The Bakehouse with a rowdy group of ladies, doing the incredibly futile, yet somehow hilarious work of penning Drake lyrics on frosted cakes.  The gathering in an of itself felt good for our souls.  We persisted. We made new friends and important connections.

Here are the links for the week.  Let’s enrich: 

 This long-read is so interesting:  The diabolical genius of the baby advice industry.  A good point is made, we have no idea what a baby is. Strangely, it’s as simple as that. 

 I’ve read a lot this week about Aziz Ansari and the muddled grey places, the nuance within male and female interactions.  Lindy West has it most right – We Tried To Warn You.  Pay attention. 

 Have you read this very real-life-relatable short story about dating?  Cat Person.  It’s explicit in content but beyond that, it gets to the detail of what it can feel like as a young human woman. As you might expect, some people on the Internet were into it, some… not so much

•  Ellen, you get your 20 million.  (Beyond the dollars, this is actually an interesting read about two powerful and talented women in Hollywood.)

 How To Write 100,000 Words A Day, your parents won’t let you starve. 

   Honestly, me in my next life as a horse. I mean… we get to choose right?  Ok if not that horse, let me be this New Orleans horse feelin’ the spirit

  This Valentine’s craft is both darling and do-able:  Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines

 Sneakers or dessert: a sociocultural history of standing in line.  We’re such strange creatures, aren’t we? 

 A very fine idea from 2012:  French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

 Excuse me?  This cat bed is a giant fruit tart

 Have you gotten some of the nasty sickies that’s been going around this winter?  Me too.  Winter Lemonade with ginger and cloves – won’t cure the flu but will warm and brighten a dark day. 

•  Every cake is for snacking but Jon made this Raspberry Lemon Poppy Seed Snacking Cake that looks extra special. 

Be kind all around. I’m so thankful you’re here! 

xo Joy