Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 156!

Happy Sunday sweet friends! Welcome to another fine weekend!  I’ve had a busy week testing recipes for the blog and somehow managing to cut three of the five fingers on my left hand.  Listen… knife safety is real and sometimes life comes atcha fast.   My dear friend Cara came to visit for a few short days that we managed to pack it with a lot of food (the glorious Turkey and the Wolf included)… and a live true crime podcast taping (SSDGM).  It was a divine balance of work and play an unfortunate number of knife wounds.  You take the good, you take the bad… right?

Here are some links for reading. I hope this Sunday treats you well: 

 How Emily Weiss created one of the most successful modern brands today.   It’s all so perfectly sharable.  The Magic Skin of Glossier’s Emily Weiss. Makeup for people who are already pretty – how about them apples? 

 Honestly, the best we can do is try to keep up:  Erykah Badu In Conversation

 Oscar nominations are out:  Here’s a list of where to stream some of the nominated films.   

 How Orchids Work from the always illuminating Stuff You Should Know. 

  More notes on how the world works: Swat at a mosquito and it could remember you for days! Ok ok ok let’s keep this in mind this summer. I’m comin’ out swingin’. 

 Do you know the dear Tara Jensen of Smoke Signals Bakery?  Her first book is available for pre-order and I’m truly very excited about it:  A Baker’s Year

•  How you and Costco can make one month of freezer breakfast sandwiches together! 

 Jon made these mouth-watering Buffalo Chickpeas and you best believe they’re on my list for next week too! 

 Are you going to make your own King Cake this year? 

•  Sending flowers is never not a nice touch.  From Apartment Therapy: 7 Chic Alternative Online Flower Delivery Services.  Also… you know what day is coming up. 

 We’re making brunch together at The Bakehouse this Spring?  You should join us! 

Let’s enjoy today!

xo Joy