Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 184!

Hello my friends!

I’m not sure I could tell you about my week.  It was mostly blurry though I’ve heard talk of eclipses and Mercury retrograde and what I do know is that it has felt like my feet aren’t quite on the ground but I’m moving on through.

There’s a light dusting of flour still on my counter from making these doughnuts as a treat for my Yoga Teacher Training friends.  The recipe is a cinnamon-sugar dusted version of a recipe found in my brunch book Over Easy if you’re looking for a good time.  I’ve promised myself that I’ll clean the mess up in the morning.  

In the mail this week I received an advanced copy of Julia Turshon’s forthcoming book, Now and Again.  She’s a deeply thoughtful cook and writer and she’ll be coming to The Bakehouse this Fall for an event.  It’s all good news. 

The offering this week is on the lighthearted side though the very serious things in the world are unrelenting.  This is just where I landed.  I hope it resonates.  More than anything, I hope you enjoy your Sunday.  

Here we are: 

•  This is super illuminating:  My Life As A Psychopath. (The Cut)

•  This is spot on and I hadn’t put enough consideration towards this issue until now:  The Ethical Dilemma of Highbrow True Crime. (Vulture)

•  Words from BEYONCE in Vogue.  She’s gorgeous inside. I mean… really.

•  You Are Not Original Or Creative On Instagram… aaaahem, but have you seen @drakeoncake. (Quartz)

•  Listen, we’ve got the mess that is Bachelor In Paradise on our televisions and this news that Barbara Streisand cloned her dogs. It’s just a very strange world we live in.  Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning.  (Vanity Fair)

•  We know by now that Helen Rosner is right about things:  It’s Time To Admit That Iceberg Is A Superior Lettuce (The New Yorker)

•  This book is completely expanding the way I think about hosting workshops, retreats and even dinner parties.  The Art of Gathering. (Amazon)

•  Erin McDowell made Sheet Pan Shortcake and now is as good as it gets! Wouldn’t you say? (Food52)

•  I made New Orleans Red Beans and Rice for a workshop at The Bakehouse this week and I’d just like to say, don’t sleep on that recipe – it’s really delicious. (Joy the Baker)

•  If you’ll indulge me, do you have a favorite Glossier product?  Is it this Boy Brow?  (Glossier)

•  Kristin made the coolest cocktail skewers out of modeling clay and I am very into it! (Dine x Design)

•  Things I read now:  What is the meaning of OM (Gaia).  

•  Welp, I could get lost in Bear Cam for a good long while. 

I hope it’s a wonderful day!

My love to you.

xo Joy