Let It Be Sunday

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  Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Hello my friends!  We’re in it, aren’t we?  Are these the dog days of summer?

I hope you’re taking it easy this weekend.  I hope you’re lying low, drinking lemonade, and dangling your feet in a cool swimming pool.

Here’s what’s on my mind and on the Internet this week:

 Turn On, Retweet, Tune Out – on our fleeting #empathy.

•  Jonathan the 182 year old tortoise.  Slow and steady forever and ever.

•  So there’s this company called Personal Audio that claims to have the legit patent on aaaallll podcasts.  They’ve demanded cash-money from podcasts large and small according to their patent.  Essentially they’re going after popular podcasts in an effort to make some quick money and essentially it’s a really crappy thing to do.  They got more than they bargained for when they went after Adam Carolla.  Adam Carolla Won’t Let Company Drop Podcast Patent Infringement Case Against Him.

•  I love these dreamy pictures of Old California.  

•  Watch this full screen because The World’s Most Extraordinary Waves deserve at least that much respect.  The thought of these kinds of waves coming at me gives me a half-panie (aka half panic attack).

•  A very accurate list of Ten Things Not To Do As A New Yorker Visiting LA.  

 Raspberry Peach Sorbet Kombucha Floats!  I’m all the way into it.

•  An important documentary about a teenager sentenced to life in prison without parole.  15 to Life: Kenneth’s Story.

•  It’s going to take me years to fully appreciate the nuance of New Orleans cuisine.  The book Eat Dat New Orleans is a very helpful guide.

•  “I don’t need feminism because women *already* make up an equal number of CEOs, if you include Chicks Eating Oreos.”  No To Feminism.  Thank you Twitter.

•  Tracy shared this gem with me and it’s just toooooo real:  17 Things Women Without Children Are Tired Of Hearing.  “It must be nice to have so much free time.”  Oh my gosh shhuuutttt uuupppp.

Happy Sunday!  I love you bye-bye!


26 thoughts on “Let It Be Sunday

  1. Another reason you’re awesome-love for the childless ladies! Cause God knows we don’t get it anywhere else! Keep up the good work ;)

  2. You’ve been killing it lately with these posts. Your ‘let if be Sunday’ and posts on Compassion made me like you all the more ! (& I already liked you a lot :). The last link made me LOL- I’ve also heard ‘but don’t you think you’re being a little bit selfish??’ Blerg!
    happy New Orleans Sunday Joy!

  3. More great links to put on my reading list for the week! Happy Sunday Joy — and thank you much for the shout out! So pleased you enjoyed the evidence of my trespassing =)

  4. Somehow in all this “women don’t need feminism” crap I missed that twitter account. Thanks! I especially love “I don’t need femisim because if you don’t want to be harassed just don’t wear revealing clothes! or any other amount of clothes don’t go out” considering I was harassed yesterday while riding my bicycle. I guess maybe my helmet was too revealing :p

  5. That abandoned house is stunning! And wooooow. I’m beyond impressed at both the waves and the people surfing them. I now am torn between wanting to stay safe on the beach or joining in.

  6. Speaking of the dog days of summer, here in Ohio its still too cool so I have not even come close to those hot humid days we usually get. I love the last comment women without children are tired of hearing. I’m older, wiser and have stepchildren. I remember years ago at a business party with my husband this women leaned over and said to me “You must be so bored with all the time you have on your hands”. I was in between jobs also. Putting it politely out of work and she also said “your not working my god what do you do”. I smiled and said, “when your rich sweetie I do whatever I want to do and I am having a ball”. I wasn’t rich but at the time I was having a ball. Love my step children but never regretted not having them. Have a wonderful Sunday Joy. Paulette

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