Beyond the Kitchen

What We’re Listening To These Summer Days, 2018

Hey friends!

I get my best podcast suggestions from friends and since WE’RE FRIENDS (newsflash), I thought now would be a good time to get all of our summer listening sorted in hopes of lots of summer travel adventures and road trips. Here’s what I’m listening to and what’s on my radar for the next few months.  

What are you listening to? Are you holding out on any podcast secrets!? Share them in the comments below and tell us why you’re listening.  We’ll build ourselves a solid list!  

In food news: I made this Tomato Cobbler with Blue Cheese Biscuits from the waaay back archives and they did not disappoint! 

Enjoy today!  Here’s my offering: 

 I love each episode of Ologies with Alie Ward more than the next.  It’s a great combination of a curious, relatable mind (GO ALIE!) and a knowledgable science podcast.  It’s smart (so smart) and somehow irreverent.  I’ve found myself deeply interested in topics I never thought I’d give a second thought. 

 I’m just starting 10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris and so far I appreciate the positivity and motivation! It’s super thoughtful! 

 This podcast is about human love relationships – very raw and honest and thoughtful:  Where Should We Begin is hosted by psychotherapist and explores some really intimate moments between people.  Just like we all live! I appreciate it very much. 

 Caliphate  is a deeply lived and reported podcast by The New York Times and Rachmini Callimachi.  It’s upsetting because the world is a upsetting place.  But it’s very well done, very important, and a view we most often would prefer to set aside. 

 I’ve just started this podcast about life of Mars:  The Habitat.  Well, pseudo life on Mars with six pseudo astronauts living in a bubble at the base of a mountain in Hawaii.  What?  Yea… 

 I know I’ve already mentioned this latest 30 for 30 series about Bikram Yoga.  It’s worth mentioning again.  Compelling and surprising.  Well-researched and well-produced.  I listened to this on a longer than usual travel day from New Orleans to Savannah and was completely engrossed and moderately (ok more than moderately) disgusted.  Suffice it to say, I ordered plane wine. 

 By now you know I LOVE my housewives (Real Housewives, that is) and watch, well… all of them, and then follow up each episode with a podcast about it.  Bitch Sesh: a real housewives breakdown is so deeply funny. It’s everything I ever wanted in throwing shade and spilling tea. 

•  Our friend (she feels like our friend) Jen Gotch of Ban-do is basically our Instagram mental health advocate – she has a new podcast and I’m excited about it.  Three episodes in and let’s go! Jen Gotch Is OK Sometimes (there’s an iTunes link here)

 An audiobook:  Calypso by David Sedaris  There is nothing quite like David Sedaris recounting stories of family, the nuances of life and relationships, mortality, and well… the beach.  I laugh so loud in public I surely look crazy and it’s worth it. 

 Another audiobook:  Braving the Winderness by Brene Brown.  A vulnerable, honest, resounding pep-talk just when we need it, read by the author which really makes me feel like I can tackle life and self uncertainties.  Raise your hand if you’ve all but memorized her Ted Talk.  I’m raising my hand / (I be you are too).  

 And one more audiobook: I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara and listen… you’ll never sleep again but that’s fine right? 

 A song:  Amos Lee has a new album coming out and there’s a preview song that’s beautiful out here.  

 And I’ve made another Spotify playlist for summer thriving.  It’ll grow but here’s where it’s at now. 

More soon!  Bye-bye for now!

xo Joy