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Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Poppy Seed Buttercream

April 22, 2014

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I forget.

I sometimes forget that we have a thing here.  A thing that’s more of a weird Internet friendship than a simple fling.  Forgive my forgetting.

I’ve gotten a lot of urgent emails and tweets and random Internet shouts about why why why WHY I picked up and moved my little world to New Orleans.  (I also respect the fact that some of you couldn’t care less… that’s cool.)

The answer is probably far less exciting that you’d like it to be.  I moved from California to New Orleans because I wanted to.  I wanted a change in place, a jolt of inspiration, more crawfish on my plate, adventure.  I wanted to feel out of my element and get to know a new place.  New Orleans, with its little bit of magic, seems like the place my heart wants to be.  So… this is that!

Lemon Cake with Lemon Poppy Seed Buttercream

Can I be honest with you about something?  The more people asked me why I was moving to New Orleans, the more I wanted to hold that information close and keep it to myself.  I try to keep a balance of what I share with the big wide Internet (with its supporters and haters) and what I keep to myself.  Mostly I’m trying to protect you from things like… my weird love for One Direction and all those times I feel too many feelings.

I’ve created a place where I can share, where we can share, where we can hang out and bake together.  Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want all of the nitty-gritty.  I just forget that sometimes I have to explain myself. It totally makes sense that you would want to know the why.  (Again, it also makes sense if you don’t give a care.)

Anyhow… I’m still trying to figure this whole ‘sharing on the Internet’ thing out… six years into the game.

At least now you know the not terribly interesting reason I moved to New Orleans.  Did I mention the crawfish?  That has a lot to do with it.

Lemon Cake with Lemon Poppy Seed Buttercream

I’m still figuring out how I want to photograph in my new space, I’m learning the quirks of my new oven (which are many), and I’m trying to figure out if there’s a single surface that my cat can’t jump on.  I appreciate that you’re along for that ride.

Learning curve: steep.  Still there’s cake.

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Pistachio Crusted Asparagus with Feta

April 21, 2014

Pistachio Crusted Asparagus with Feta

I had a little taste of Asheville, North Carolina waiting for me when I returned to New Orleans last week.   It wasn’t a warm mochas or a drinkable caramel, sadly… but those are fleeting anyhow.  I found my friend Ashley’s book Handmade Gatherings waiting for my in my mailbox!  The very same Ashley that writes about chickens and bees, and had me in a stone-bottomed river bed pretending to be warm for a Spring picnic photoshoot.  Needles to say, Ashley is always welcome in my world.  I usually just need boots, a sweater, and an empty stomach.

I found this recipe flipping through the Spring pages of Handmade Gatherings.  Asparagus meets pistachios.  Roasted tender and crunchy.  Green on green.  Salty and fresh.  From the recipe title alone I knew it would be exactly right.

Spot on!  This is dish is all balance and heart.  Good timing.  I was just starting to miss those endless waves of green-blooming Blue Ridge Mountains.  Asparagus will step in where the mountain-longing creeps in.

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My Favorite Easter Eats

April 18, 2014

easter eggs

This will be the first Easter in a whole lot of Easters that I won’t be celebrating (and eating and egg-hunting) with my family.  While my solo celebration will most likely include a weird amount of these chocolate Cadbury candies (help!), I thought I’d dig through the archives for a few Happy Easter recipes that might brighten your weekend.

Happy weekend and Happy Easter, my friends!  I hope there’s sunshine, love, family, quiche, and so much chocolate (like so so much).

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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

April 16, 2014

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s better to just let it be what it is.

I had every intention of making you a fancy Easter brunch cake… the kind with lemon and lavender and swirly frosting… but as I stood in my kitchen (with exactly zero lemons), and evaluated my desire to go to the store (to buy hella lemons), I thought… can’t it just be what it is?

What it is, is CHOCOLATE.  That’s what I want.  That’s what I need.  That’s what I have in abundance in my kitchen.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the spirit of letting it be what it is, I’ve taken all of these photographs on my phone, on the fly.  I also wasn’t wearing shoes and had frizzy hair.  What else is new? Rhetorical question.

I made these cookies for us.  This is that.

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Triple Berry Dutch Baby

April 13, 2014

Triple Berry Dutch Baby

It’s all well and good until someone has to stand in front of the stove and flip the pancakes.

It’s a thankless job and I wouldn’t wish pancake flipping onto anyone’s relaxed weekend.

Luckily, where there are a few eggs, a bit of flour and milk, and a big ol’ handful of berries…. there is a Dutch Baby.  Pancake sans flip.

Triple Berry Dutch Baby

Dutch Babies exist in the delicious land between pancake and popover.  They’re tender and eggy, light and crunchy.  They’re also quite a spectacle coming out of the oven.  They’re show-offs.  It’s cool.  Breakfast can be dramatic.

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Milky Salted Caramel

April 10, 2014

drinking caramel

There’s this really cool thing that happens when you get to do what you love for a living.  Well… it’s that you do what you love.  For me that usually means an abundance of butter, caramel, and chocolate chunks.  There’s also a ton of dishes, camera batteries, and a few good hours on the computer.

There’s another thing that happens when you get to do what you love for a living.  Despite the butter and caramel, what you love becomes… work.  We all know that work is sometimes UGH.

Then there’s this other thing that happens when you’re lucky enough to do what you love for a living, and it feels like work, and you start to feel UGH… you start to feel entirely ungrateful for your very fortunate circumstances.  That’s just honest.  Not good, but honest.  It’s like you’re not allowed to be discontent where passion and career meet.

french broad chocolate

I’ve been in Asheville, North Carolina this week.  I’m trying to wade through a few work projects.  It’s awesome… and it’s ugh… and it’s awesome!

Do you know what I mean?

I’ve taken a few super great work breaks in Asheville.  Work breaks must involve either wine or chocolate so naturally I found myself at French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

french broad

The chocolate dipped shortbread at French Broad Chocolate is out of this world.  Don’t even get me started on the mochas.  Don’t even talk to me about their Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Major delicious.  Good inspiration.

milky salted caramel

And so!  Milky Salted Caramel.  Because work is sometimes work, but caramel helps.  Caramel always helps.

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Roasted Broccoli and Cheddar Baked Potatoes

April 8, 2014

roasted broccoli and cheddar baked potatoes

I needed someone to talk me into making baked potatoes.  Silly, really.  Why would I need someone to hold my hand through placing a raw vegetable in the oven and waiting for it to be soft?  Is it really that hard or more of a mental block?  Clearly… mental.

Enter:  Nigel Slater and Tender.

I talk about the book Tender all the time because it’s a book of poetry dedicated to vegetables.  I like to just thumb through it for inspiration.  This go-round I felt inspired to step in the kitchen and (dramatic pause because this is really dramatic) bake.a.potato.  Totally life changing… I know.

roasted broccoli and cheddar baked potatoes

Why roast a potato when you can salt-roast a potato.  I mean.. right!? I’ve had salt-roasting in my brain ever since HonestlyYUM salt-roasted a Branzino.

Adding roasted broccoli and melted cheddar cheese makes these special potatoes a dinner of their own.  Potato dinner!  Better than my usual popcorn dinner.  Let’s roast!

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Espresso, Almond, and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Pudding Cups

April 7, 2014

Espresso Almond and Ghirardelli Chocolate Pudding Cups

Every day I need a treat.  I need a little something that says ‘Hey, I see you trying to get through this day standing on your own two feet and you deserve this special something just for you”.

Sometimes that treat is a whole milk cappuccino with extra cinnamon.  Whole milk tastes like ice cream to me.  It’s just too good.  Sometimes that treat is a high-kick dance along to old school Beastie Boys… because, yea I’m still listening to Beastie Boys.  Often times that treat is a piece of chocolate.  A piece usually turns into a good portion of the chocolate bar… but then again, you knew that.

It’s Monday.  We’re going to need a little something to savor.  Reach for the chocolate… Or!  Better yet, make these creamy, crunchy, salty, sweet, chocolate studded pudding cups!  Actually… get someone to make it for you.  That’s the real savor.

Espresso Almond and Ghirardelli Chocolate Pudding Cups


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Spring Things!

April 4, 2014

Spring Essentials

 I feel like I’m grasping tight to the things around me these days.  I’m probably the first to shrug off the change of season, the change of moving cities, and the change of traveling a ton as no big deal…. but it all adds up to matter and I have to admit I feel a little crazy in the brain.

This season I’ve started a new workout routine.  Since I’ve moved away from my beloved SoulCycle in California, I’ve started practicing Bikram Yoga in New Orleans.  I’m terrible.  Who knew bending could be so dang challenging?

I’ve also taken out my Tender cookbook (a Spring go-to) and am daydreaming my way through Donald Link’s Down South cookbook in an effort to acclimate myself to my new city and surroundings.

Here are a few more Spring flings I’m into these days.  Though the list says these things are ‘essentials’, clearly this is just a list of sparkly indulgences. I’ll take the life changes, new growth, and sparkling trinkets all in kind.

1•• I am very pale.  That’s just the color of my skin.  I’m totally into it… until I want to wear shorts.  Faux Mineral Fake Tan, I thank you.  My legs thank you.  The public at large thanks you.  

2••  I absolutely LOVE this Ellovi Body Butter.  It feels super nourishing and it’s only six ingredients!  Macadamia Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Hemp Oil are the main ingredients.  Smells good.  Feels good!

3•• I’m thinking of sporting short fingernails with Blue Orchid Nail Polish as the weather gets warmer.  

4•• Pale nude lipstick like this Pearl Lipstick blends with any outfit and is less noticeable when I forget I have lipstick on and smear the whole deal all over my face.  You know?

5•• When I was a teenager my mom told me that I had a ‘hat face’.  I don’t think that’s a real term, but she meant that I look good in hats.  I ran with it and have been wearing Blossom hats ever since.  In other news, this Straw Bucket Hat helps update the Blossom days and also helps steer clear of sunburnt scalps.  

6•• Pale Pink Ankle Strap Flats  for just kicking’ around in the sun.

7•• A little pastel sparkle in these Periwinkle Dangle Earrings.  Let’s be honest… I wear a lot of jeans and white tshirts.  I always need a little sparkle. 

8•• Two Tone Sunnies.  It’s face fashion that I totally love.

9•• I always have a notebook in my bag where I can scratch down frenzied notes.  In my dreams I’m the girl that lingers with coffee in City Park and paints a little mossy tree scene.  First I’ll need to ditch the frenzy and add a Watercolor Moleskin Notebook.

10•• For my watercolor endeavors I’ll also need this little Traveling Watercolor Set.  I think this set would also make a great gift… just saying’.

11•• Everything everything in the Grey Canvas Backpack and it’s go-time!

12•• Jus By Julie is here to help us bring a bit of Spring cleaning to our insides.  I did their three-day juice cleanse and it was different from any other juice cleanse I’ve ever done.  Jus By Julie is more smoothie than juice.  All the fiber is still in the juice so the juices actually keep you full.  It’s a revelation.

Because they’re rad, Jus By Julie is offering you 20% off your order with code: JOY20JUS

13•• We can talk about juice and we can talk about booze.  It’s all about balance.  Prairie Vodka graces my little bar cart these day.  I’m a fan.

14•• Julep Cups are going to be essential for the upcoming Derby Party!  There will be bourbon and Chocolate Pecan Pie present.  I’m hat shopping now.  Get on the bandwagon!

I love you!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Tiny Strawberry Cream Scones

April 2, 2014

tiny strawberry cream scones

Remember yesterday’s April Fools’ Day post?  The one where I mocked marble and farm tables and food blogging in general?  Yea…. well, here I am living in the the very world I lovingly mocked.  In penance I offer you with baby scones.  I set the marble aside for today because that would just be too much.  The farm table I can’t help.  Thank you for letting me mock us and myself.

tiny strawberry cream scones

I’m excited to tell you about these scones!

Sure… I’m always excited to tell you about scones.  That’s a constant.

But these scones are special!  They’re definitely more scone that biscuit.  In my world I’m generally trying to pass of biscuits as scones, but this isn’t that.

These Cream Scones are just that:  cream!  There’s no cold butter, no eggs, and no buttermilk.  Just cream, flour, and a few fixins!

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How To Be The Best Food Blogger Of All

April 1, 2014

you're the best blogger ever!

Listen guys… I’ve been in this blogging game for a long long time.  Six years?  I basically know everything there is to know.  Nothing is new… except everything is new once in a while.  Blogging is easy!  I’ll show you how to do it.

10 Quick, Easy, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Salted Caramel Tips To Be The Best Food Blogger On The World Wide Web.

You’ll just need a few of the items listed below and a big happy smile that never leaves your face ever ever.  Let’s go!

you're the best food blogger ever

1. A piece of marble pastry slab is the key to success.  It’s the best way to fake a fancy marble countertop when you’re really just working on tragic tan tile counters.  These Ikea dish towels with the classy red stripe say hipster chic all the way .  You’re also going to need something gold, a glass spoon of some sort, and something with a feather on it… just go with it.  In general, buy every kitchen linen you come in contact with.  You’re going to need it.

2.  All wooden items on your food blog must be worn and dilapidated, preferably from an old barn.  Spoons must be tarnished and rusted.  It’s true that you might not want to eat rust or splinters, but at least it looks really cool.  The plan always is to look really cool.  Never forget.

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting

March 30, 2014

carrot cake cupcakes with pineapple cream cheese frosting

There’s a very specific sort of kitchen math that runs through my brain every time I stare into my refrigerator and try to figure out what to make.

Six carrots + 8 radishes + 2 sticks of butter + half a pot of leftover chicken soup + 1/2 bundle wilting kale + block of cream cheese – one bagel’s worth of cream cheese + yesterday’s pudding experiment.

Unfortunately the hungrier I am when I approach the refrigerator, the more difficult it is the process this math.

carrot cake cupcakes with pineapple cream cheese frosting

If I made the radishes a snack.  If I combine the wilted kale with the leftover chicken soup.  If I pray that there’s oil enough, eggs enough, canned pineapple enough, sugar enough,  and flour enough… maybe just maybe I can produce Carrot Cake Cupcakes from a good long stare in the fridge.

I wish for you the same success!

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Roasted Potato Galette with cheddar and chives

March 27, 2014

Roasted Potato Galette

Most people have fight or flight reactions when it comes to stressful, life or death situations.  You know… you see a bear and your instincts quickly decide if you’re going to run screaming, or throw up your fists like a prize-fighter.  I realized this week that in stressful situations I don’t really have fight or flight survival instincts… I have carb on carb instincts.

Enter:  Potato with Pie Crust.

It’s roasted, spiced, cheesed, and chived.  It’s everything my survival instincts tell me to do when things get dicey.

Also to be fair… I’d totally run from a bear… in a zig-zag like someone was shooting a gun at me.  I dunno.  My survival instincts come only from Jack Bauer in old episodes of 24.

Thank goodness for carbs.

Roasted Potato Galette

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Banana, Leche y Cafe con Chocolate

March 26, 2014

banana, leche y cafe con chocolate

It’s so hard to keep that vacation feeling.  That feeling that lets me linger in bed to read a book instead of jumping up to chase the alarm and caffeine.  The smell of sunscreen, the sound of the ocean, the beauty that I don’t immediately need to Instagram.  Clean sheets, card games, lazy laughs.  It’s so good.  It always feels like waaaaay more than I deserve, with a teeny-tiny sprinkle of something that I’ve earned, but really it’s just a big fat blessing.

I spent some quality time on a tiny stretch of beach on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica last week.  Way more than I deserve.  I learned a lot.

sunset surfer with dog

I learned a lot about sunsets and how to sit and enjoy them with surfers and beach dogs.

banana, leche y cafe con chocolate

I also learned some how to survive the heat of the dry season in Costa Rica:  liquids!  For real.  I spent the entire week flailing around in the waves with a surfboard tethered to my leg and developed a healthy thirst… totally undeserved based on my surfing skills, but healthy nonetheless.

One of my favorite smoothies of choice in Costa Rica was Bananas y Leche: a simple mixture of bananas and milk.  Of course, because few things are just left to be as they are in my kitchen… of course I added coffee and chocolate.

This smoothie is just what I needed to help that vacation feeling linger a bit.  The cancelled flights and rushed airports can really harsh the vacation buzz.   Nothing a little Banana, Leche y Cafe con Chocolate can’t help! I mean… right?

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12 Ways To Tart Up Spring

March 24, 2014

springtime lemon recipes

I’ve been compiling lists of what I want to come out of my new kitchen this Spring and Summer. I’m excited!  I love when the warmer months creep in and the sun stays with us longer. Lemons, raspberries, lavender, and tender greens feel like perfect brain food for Spring-time inspiration.

I have dreams of growing my own salad lettuce indoors, and dreams of a small balcony strawberry patch.  To be real, my black thumb may get in the way of all of that.  I hope to tie some knots into some sort of macrame hanging something or other.  I have loads of colorful hopes.

I do keep coming back to one bright Spring-y ingredient:  lemons!  I have a few lemon-tart recipes coming up soon, but boy-oh-boy do you have plenty of lemon to work with while I put those recipes together for you!

lemon raspberry rolls

12 reasons you should step into the kitchen with a big bag of lemons this week!

These Lemon Raspberry Breakfast Rolls have gooey soft, raspberry-studded centers.  Lemon is a lovely compliment to sweet raspberries.  These rolls are the Spring version to Winter’s cozy cinnamon roll.  One caveat:  if you make these you have to invite me over.  I’ll bring the coffee.  We’ll be friends.

Tart lemon sorbet combined with creamy milk and graham cracker crumbs.  Combined we can call it a Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake and drink one on a Saturday afternoon because we really really should.

Lemon Olive Oil and Parsley Quinoa Cakes are dinner when paired with a big green salad, and breakfast when paired with soft-cooked eggs.  They also freeze well!  They’re my current version of a veggie burger.  I’m working on a sturdy grillable veggie burger for our summertime grilling.  Soon soon!

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A Dedication

March 20, 2014

costa rica waterfall

Hello friends!  I’ve been in Costa Rica this week getting a sunburn on my scalp, eating ceviche like it’s going out of style, learning how to surf, and mostly thinking thoughts about what I’m going to cook for you this Spring and into our future.  I needed a bit of a get away to think my thoughts.  Maybe my brain works best from under a sun burnt scalp.  That’s probably it.

I’ve also been reading a lot of non-Internet words on this little getaway.  Books… those are non-Internet words.  They’re pretty cool.

East of Eden is my very favorite book of all time.  It’s John Steinbeck at his absolute everything.  It’s epic and heartbreaking and if you haven’t had your heart destroyed by this book then I would recommend that you add this work of art to your Spring reading list.

I took some time to read the dedication to East of Eden this week.  Something that I had skipped in my regular life of haphazard efficiency.  The dedication alone stopped me dead in my tracks.  The dedication alone is a compilation of words more beautiful that I’ve ever written in my whole life.  Just the dedication!  How’s that for something?

Steinbeck dedicated East of Eden to his dear friend and editor Pascal ‘Pat’ Covici.   This:

Dear Pat,
You came upon me carving some kind of little figure out of wood and you said, “Why don’t you make something for me?”
I asked you what you wanted, and you said, “A box.”
“What for?”
“To put things in.”
“What kind of things?”
“Whatever you have,” you said.
Well, here’s your box. Nearly everything I have is in it, and it is not full. Pain and excitement are in it, and feeling good or bad and evil thoughts and good thoughts- the pleasure of design and some despair and the indescribable joy of creation.
And on top of these are all the gratitude and love I have for you.
And still the box is not full.

Steinbeck typed up East of Eden, literally carved a beautiful box for it, and delivered the box and manuscript along with this letter to his friend Pat.  I instantly feel like I need to do more beautiful ad poetic things with my life.  More sunset appreciation, restful pondering, and maybe more poetic musings with a pen and bar napkin.  Something, right?

Here’s to our Spring and our Steinbeck.

Ps.  The dork in me in now reading Steinbeck and Covici: The Story of a Friendship.  Just let it happen.


Turkey and Bacon Meatloaf

March 19, 2014

turkey bacon meatloaf

I’ve had a bee in my bonnet for the last few weeks.  The bee in my bonnet was meatloaf shaped and dang persistent.

I’ll be the first to admit that meatloaf is kind of a weird thing to make these days.  Is it retro cool or vintage chic yet?  Or is it still just… meatloaf?

turkey bacon meatloaf

This meatloaf features ground turkey, crispy cooked bacon, deeply caramelized onions, and softened garlic.  It’s lighter than a beef meatloaf but boy of boy does the bacon pull off a miracle in this meatloaf.  It’s all the salty and savory I needed to calm the bee in my bonnet.

I imagine that if I had an actual bee in my bonnet, it would be far less delicious and basically a panic situation. But really, why am I wearing a bonnet in the first place?  Asking for trouble.

turkey bacon meatloaf

Let’s start with chopped onions, garlic, and chopped bacon in a sauté pan.  It’s a very good beginning!

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Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

March 17, 2014

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

We all have our favorite bites.  My favorite bite of a brownie is the slightly burnt corner edge.  My favorite sips of coffee are the first and the last.  My favorite part of the pepperoni pizza roll is the soft gooey center.  If you leave me alone with a tray of these Pepperoni Pizza Rolls, be prepared to come back to just the outsides because my favorite bite is the gooey center of every.single.roll.

I stand by the fact that the best part of baking is sharing what you create with people who you love.  Baking is totally a love language.  If you can share your favorite bites?… now that’s something special.  If you were to ask me to share the gooey center pizza roll bite, it would probably take me a good while before I said yes.  That’s just real.

baking a difference


Remember last Fall?  Last Fall I shared my partnership with Fleischmann’s® Yeast, Fleischmann’s® Simply Homemade® Baking Mixes, and Karo® Syrup as a part of their Baking a Difference Program to benefit Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry program.  I love this charity because they focus on ending childhood hunger in America.  If I can help that cause with a bit of baking, I’m all in!  One in five children in the U.S. struggle with hunger and cannot rely on having access to the daily nutritious food they need to grow and thrive, and the No Kid Hungry campaign works to end that hunger.  Big deal, right?

Last fall we made Salty Pretzel Vanilla Caramel Corn with much success, and now we get to talk about a really cool free e-cookbook and Pepperoni Pizza Rolls!

Pizza Rolls for charity?  Yea… that’s totally a thing.

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

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Sesame Kale Salad with Roasted Almonds

March 17, 2014

Sesame Kale Salad with Roasted Almonds

I’m in need of some greens.  The gnarly kind.  The kind that bite back.

Clearly kale is the answer.   It’s clean and crunchy and that’s where we’re starting for today.

Sesame Kale Salad with Roasted Almonds

The very back of the pantry is like a treasure trove of forgotten bottles and spices.  I dug out my neglected bottle of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar for this clean and crunchy salad.  They’re just the right ingredients to tame the taste and texture of raw kale.

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Pimm’s Cup Cocktail

March 13, 2014

Pimm's Cup Cocktail

Spring is teasing us.

It feels like the sun is juuuust about ready to creep out and stay.  Well… it feels that way up until the time the rain pours down.

Despite Spring’s indecision, I happen to think it’s time for a Spring cocktail!

joy the baker + napoleon house

napoleon house

napoleon house 1

I ventured out into the French Quarter on a particularly sunny afternoon just after a rainstorm.  It’s just a short walk from my front door to the Napoleon House, a building build 200 years ago.  It’s first tenant, Nicholas Girod, was the mayor of New Orleans in the early 1800′s.  In 1821, Girod offered his beautiful home up to Napoleon who was living in exile.  Nice, right?  Napoleon couldn’t make it… he died first.

Even though Napoleon never stepped foot in this house, the name stuck and now the Napoleon House is a restaurant and bar filled with history and old smarmy (I mean that in a good way) waiters.

Pimm's Cup Cocktail

The Napoleon House is known for their Pimm’s Cup Cocktails.  Because I’m a girl who likes extra cucumber slices and a good dose of ginger ale, there’s no reason I can’t recreate these at home!  And so it is.

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