99 thoughts on “Notes to Self: part one

  1. you watch say yes to the dress don’t you? is this inspired by the son who told his mom to “be bold” when she was having a hard time picking a dress? because that moment totally made me tear up and i hope it inspired anyone who watched it. plus, it’s great advice!

  2. Oh Joy! I am sooo looking forward to this! Isn’t is amazing how much those two words can change you if you take them to heart? BE BOLD!

  3. This is the best advice to give yourself and others. It.s a shame that so few people actually take it. Maybe because it.s easier to hide behind our own fears…

  4. I need this in my life. I’m kind of confuse what I really want to go. I’m a bit struggling with things and so nervous about going back to school. Will definitely follow this series. Thanks Joy!

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