Beyond the Kitchen notes to self

Notes to Self: Part Three


so continues the series on Joy the Baker.  I make notes to myself.   How to live.   How not to live… and how it’s ok if I burn the cookies. 

SWITCH IT UP!  We’re more than half way through the year and one thing is certain… I’m most excellent at sticking myself is a happy-go-lucky-comfortable-RUT!  Seriously, Joy… your routine has become 100% routine, and I mean that in the most uncharming way possible  Even your cat is bored with your morning tea, afternoon doldrums, and evening Real Housewives.

Halfway through the year.  Dang more than halfway through the year.

This isn’t about big goals or lofty resolutions… it’s more about the day to day.  Switch things up.  Get out in the world and try your best to see it differently.  YeaYeaYea… see things differently.  Be more present.  Downward dog, yadda yadda yadda.  But how do you actually make this happen?

Step One (of several):  wake yo ass up early and get going!


Step Two:  Do notnotnot checking your email from bed.  It’s a trap.

Step Three:  Get out.  Treat yourself to a fancy coffee from a cute barista in suspenders.  Write.

Step Four:  Write anything.  Write about your dreams.  Write about how you can’t go to the laundromat too early on Thursday mornings because that creep dude with one eye is always there… giving you the eye (no pun, real life)… and you can’t seem to get through a load without dropping a pair of your incidentals on the laundromat floor.  Write about how you have nothing to write about but the creep dude from the laundromat.  It’s an exercise.  No judgements here.

Switch it up.  Let’s go!

Notes to Self:

Part Two:  You’re Allowed

Part One:  Be Bold

Switch it up with a new coffee shop.
Good coffee = important.
Good looking baristas = surprisingly important.


Drink more water (instead of more gin).

Yea… whatever.


Switch it up with a new book.  I happen to be currently waaaaay tooo into Gone Girl.

Mystery.  Murder?  Suspicion.  Oooh man it’s good.


Switch up the doodle.  Add clay.


One of my favorite (totally girly and possible totally annoying) things to do is switch up a few of my make-up pieces.  I say all of this like I actually wear a lot of make-up… which I don’t (mostly because I don’t know how to apply it without looking like a clown).  Bobbi Brown Pretty Pink Blush is my new cheek treat.  Mucho major.


Switch it up with a pretty house treat.  I’m smitten with these Rifle Paper Coasters.  If you’re a part of Joy the Baker + Lost Crates, you know aaaalll about these lovelies.  xoxxo.


Switch it up in the kitchen!  This week I busted out a new cookbook and tried a recipe with fresh figs.  For some reason I’ve never baked with fresh figs.  Good switch.  I’ll show you the recipe later this week!  I hope you swoon!

The old switcheroo!  It’s self-trickery… I’ll take it!